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listing of Wisemen Trading and Supply

Welcome to Wisemen Trading and Supply: Providing Self sufficiency items, Camping products, Rural living supplies and Preparedness needs
Wisemen - Your source for camping equipment, outdoor gear, self sufficiency - homestead supplies, farm and garden products, and preparedness needs.
Tushies Diapers: Gel free cotton disposable diapers.
Age-less O2 absorbers - from Mitsubishi
Alpine Aire - Naturally Good Food Anytime / Anywhere
Baking tools: Dough Mixer, Cookie Press
Ballistol - the world's most useful lubricant - gun oil
Bathing in the great outdoors
Free power from the Sun - solar battery chargers
Natural Bedding: Organic cotton futons, Shoji Screens and futon frames.
Gem Dandy butter churns and hand paddle butter churn
Photo accessories - Camera harness, Ultra pod
Candles for your every need!
Lodge Cast Iron Cookware
Compass and Watches
Dehydrating - a great way to keep your food at its best.
Farm and garden supplies and tools
Non-disposable Feminine Hygiene Products
Camp fire and wood stove accessories
Apple peeler and Cherry Stoner
Grain mill and flakers - hand and electric
Hawaiice Ice Shaver - Electric and Hand turned.
Natural kitchen and cleaning supplies
Knifes and Saws
Britelyt Petromax Multi Fuel Lanterns
Flashlights, radios - non-electric, hand cranked and solar.
New Products
Outdoor cooking
Outdoor cooking
Make your own pasta with an Atlas pasta machine
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Sale on: Rural living supplies, Camping, natural and non-toxic
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Site Map of Wisemen Trading and Supply
sun ovens, solar cookers and cook books.
Space blankets and pens
Star gazing
Staps, rope, string and fasteners - Paracord
Stainless Steel Camp dinnerware and Camp Cutlery
Non - electric, washing equipment, Rapid Washer
Work Colthes

Outdoor baking

Herbs to help keep your livestock and Pets healthey
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Flora: turbo plus - T-wave ceramic laundry disc.
Dyna Jet Hand Wringer: for clothes and chamois
Non-chlorine bleach: Oxy Boost and Flora Bright (Natural Papaya Enzyme)
Wash tubs - round and square - large and small! Wash tubs with stand
Camp stoves:UCO Fuel Faucet and Coghlan's Camp Stove Lighter.
Camping stoves: Eagel, Sierra Stoves + Windscreens and more.
Safety heat and Combo Cooker from E-Z camping
Solar Shedlite and Fluorescent Lighting Kit from StarTronics
Full Spectrum lights from Ott-lite and Neodymium.
Bucket Buster Pail Opener
The Gamma Seal Lid and Life Latch Pails
Sun Tunnel tubular sky lights
Fan-Attic Solar Powered Attic Fan
Meat processing: Butcher's saw, Meat Grinder, and Butchering Gloves.
Coffee pots and Expresso Makers
Coffee grinders for your next outdoor trip or right at home
Gransfors Bruks Axes - Broad Axe, Drawknife, Adze, Froe and more.
White Mountain Ice Cream Maker

Game Finder - Mega Ears from Bonner Technologies

Kitchen utensils: wooden spoon, stainless steel; ladle, spoon & spatula, and swiss 10 in 1 tool
Food mill and strainers.
Chicken Feed no anmial by products or artificial ingredients
Water: Water Bottles and Filter Bottles
Waterfilters and purifers - Katadyn, British Berkefeld, La Natural.
Hand pumps
Water: treatments: O7, Potable Aqua, ko7, Traveler's Friend, Polar Pure, and Aquamira
Living Water PVC well bucket
Water bottles: Botas, Cantenes, and bladders.
Canning tools SS canning funnel, tongs, lid lifter and more
Food Strainer/Sauce Maker and Stainless Steel Tomato Machine
National Presto Pressure Canner and Water Bath Canner + Gauges, Seals and More.
Lee's Original Corn Cutter and Creamer wood or stainless steel

Books, Books and more Books!
Sausage Making Books

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