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Ashland 15 Qt Stainless Steel Canner

Made in USA
Ashland Stainless Steel Canner How excited we were to find these huge capacity, Amish made canners. They are such a relieving time saver, allowing those with big gardens or large families to water bath 15 qts, rather than 7 qts, at a time. You can also process 24 pints, 28 half pints or 12 gals. of your favorite soup.

These stovetop canners can be used over two burners of electric or gas stoves, or on a wood cookstove. They are 11 3/4" X 20 3/4". They are constructed of the finer grades of stainless steel which is a big plus over alumium or porcelain which can chip. The seams of these rectangular canners are specially sandwiched, lock type, and silver soldered to last a lifetime. Our family has been working ours hard for years now at a great time savings. A stainless steel rod rolled into the top makes these canners strong. The silver solder is lead free giving you peace of mind whether canning or cooking in your Ashland canner. These Ashland canners come with a stainless steel rack to use with your cannning jars or for cooking solid foods directly.

The Ashland canner is 13 1/4 inches high easily allowing the 2 inches of water covering your jars for processing. One of the things that disturbs us about many procelain water bath canners is that they aren't high enough to cover quarts with the 2 inches of required water for processing! Not so with these supeb stainless steel canners. What a great resource these canners are for the serious gardener supplying their family with garden bounty year round.
Stock # 1302 Price $139.95 Quantity
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Ashland Canner Replacement Lid
Stock # 1453 Price $31.99 Quantity
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Ashland Canner Replacement Rack
Stock # 1452 Price $18.95 Quantity
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Stainless Steel Canner

Ceramic/Steel Canner

Back to Basics Water Bath Canner

This is much more than just a canner. Use it for canning, and when you are not canning it doubles as a 21 qt. stock pot.

The non-stick surface is easy to clean, heats easily, doesn't rust and has no heavy metals to leach into your food.

It comes with a canning rack that holds 7 mason type jars for water bath processing.

We are sorry these Water Bath Canners are no longer available.

Norpro Canner Rack

The Norpro Replacement Rack fits water bath canners. It is 12.25" dia. and holds up to 7 qt or 7 pt jars. The lift-up handles help lift your jars in and our of your canner with ease. You can also use this rack to turn your stock pot into a canner. With the right size SS pot you can even have a stainless steel water bath canner! Make sure and check the dia. before ordering and remember your pot must be tall enough to cover your jars with 2" of water. The Norpro Canning Rack helps keep jars from touching each other or the canner while processing. It is made of steel and dishwasher safe.
Stock # 2042 Price $7.95 Quantity
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Norpro Canning Rack

Presto 23 Qt. Pressure Canner and Cooker

Presto Pressure Canner I have been using my Presto for over 20 years, putting up our family's garden and orchard produce, which yields virtually all of our winter eating.

I use ours for water bath, as well as pressure canning. I especially like the extra height of the 23qt. model, which allows you to maintain the full recommended 2 inches of water covering your jars even during lenghty processing times.

With a large family I appreciate the large capacity of this canner for our pressure cooking, as well as our canning needs. I can get a whole meal, for all of us, into it.

Pressure canning is the only way recommended to safely can low acid foods, such as most vegetables and meats.

This canner features heavy duty, warp resistant aluminum for long life and fast even heating. It has an automatic air vent/cover lock and a deluxe pressure gauge. The cover lock prevents the cover from being opened until the pressure is safely reduced, and gives a visual indication of pressure inside the canner. The gauge registers the complete range of canning and cooking pressures. It holds 7 qts., 20 pints, or 24 half pints for processing and has a liquid capacity of 22 qts.

It comes with a cooking/canning rack, and instruction/recipe booklet. Two year warrenty.
Stock # 571 Price $94.95 Quantity
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Replacement Canner Parts and Accessories

  1. Old Style gauge: This gauge fits all Presto canners manufactured prior to Jan. 1978
    Stock # 573 Price $16.00 Quantity
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  2. Old Style Pressure Canner Sealing Ring and Automatic Air Vent: It is recommended that you replace the automatic air vent every time you replace the sealing ring, or sooner if it becomes hard, as it is one of your canner's safety devices. This set fits models: 7,7AV,7B, 7S, 21, 21AV, 21B, 21S, CA16, CA16H, CA21, 01/CA16H,01/CA21H The model number is stamped on the bottom of your canner.
    Stock # 575 Price $6.95 Quantity
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  3. Deluxe gauge: Fits newer models with a nut on the bottom. The old gauges screw into threads on the lid.
    Stock # 574 Price $16.00 Quantity
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  4. New Style Sealing Ring: Fits models 01/CAA12H, 01/CAA20H, 02/CAA12H, 02CAA16H,02CAA20H, 01/C13, 01/C17, 01/C22, 01/CG22 and all units with model numbers beginning:01710, 01740, 01750, 01770, and 01780.

  5. Stock # 576 Price $6.95 Quantity
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  6. Pressure Regulator: This pressure canner weight fits most pressure canners with a gauge manufactured after 1957.

  7. Stock # 577 Price $5.88 Quantity
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  8. Canner Rack
    Stock # 572 Price $6.63 Quantity
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