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Magic Heat Emergency Stove Kit

by American Camper

Magic Heat Stove Kit This safe Magic Heat and Stove Kit provide an "all in one" cooking and heating unit which burns up to 6 hours per can indoors or outdoors. This combo cooker comes with one 7 oz. cartridge and a pot support/wind screen. It has an indefinte shelf life, even after it has been opened, and will easily relight for reuse. Some usages are: keeping you warm in hunting blinds and ice fishing huts, camping - heating or cooking, warming chafing dishes, keep on hand for emergency uses such as power outages, blizzards, hurricanes. It is safe to store in your car, RV, boat, snowmobile, ATV, or home. It is great for use in fire restricted areas.

The specially formulated fuel will not support combustion without a wick so will not burn if spilled, and will not evaporate which makes this product one of the safest heating/cooking systems available. Magic Heat is an incredibly all-around handy fuel.

Magic Heat 2 Pack Canned Heat

Stock # 690 Price $9.95 Quantity
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Magic Heat 7 oz. Cartridge 2/pack.

These Magic Heat Cans can be used with the Magic Heat stove kit, a folding stove, or your own pot support. Each of these 7 oz Magic Heat cans provides up to 6 hours of heat, enough to cook your meal or warm your hands.
Stock # 691 Price $10.95 Quantity
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Coghlan's Folding Stove

Coghlan offers you a fine folding stove: convenient, easy to use, and easy to pack. It turns any canned heat source, such as Magic Heat, into a cook stove ready for use by campers, backpackers, boaters, and outdoorsmen. It also serves well in emergency and survival situations. The Coghlan's Folding Stove is 6.5 x 6.5 x 5in, but easily folds flat for convenience in storage and carrying. The folding legs form an efficient windscreen with a handy door to insert your canned heat. Slots and flanges make an easy-to-pop-up, yet sturdy stove top, with a lower shelf to hold your can of fuel. The entire stove is coated steel construction. It weighs in at just under one pound.
Stock # 1748 Price $8.95 Quantity
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Coghlan's Folding Camp Stove
As an added note, Roughing It Easy, a wonderful camping book gives directions on how to make your own canned heat, as well as many other innovative, varied and fun camping hints and ideas. See our books page for this and other great books.

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