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Free Shipping on all Gransfors Bruks Axes: The shipping for the Gransfors Tool portion of your order will be taken off in our office. We will try to match any lower delivered price on a Gransfors Bruks product.

Gransfors Bruks Axes

Gransfors Bruks is one of only a few axe manufacturers that completely hand forge. Forging is important. Gransfors Bruks are forged from a special Swedish steel for axes, and the blades are tempered and annealed to the right toughness. The handles are made of 1st quality hickory and the axeheads are oiled and provided with a grain-leather sheath.

What you see is what you get. No grinding, sanding or cover ups are needed as the smiths take care, and do the right forging from the beginning. When a Gransfors Bruks smith is satisfied with his work and has accepted his axe, he marks the head with his initials beside the company's crown label.

Each axe comes with "the Axe Book". This little book is crammed with information on the company, their integrity and craftsmanship, their history, information on the products they carry, and information on proper uses and care of their products.
Gransfors Carving Axe

Swedish Carving Axe

A chop axe for hewing bowls and other wooden objects, artistic wood carving and architectural work. The characteristic curved shape of the cutting edge, carried well above the head's eye, the position of the edge in proportion to the handle, the rather thick bit and the big angle of the wide beveled face makes this axe a good carving tool. You "cut on the beveled face" with curved movements. The handle is rugged to give a good grip. The axe has a 4 1/3" face and a 14" hickory handle. The head weighs 2lb.

Gransfors Carving Axe can be sharpened either on both sides, "Double-Sided sharpened", or only one side, "Single-Sided Sharpened" (Scissors-Sharpened).

Carving Axe - Double sided sharpened. Stock # 1030 Price $179.00 Quantity
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We are sorry the Double Carving Axe is out os stock.

Carving Axe - Right sided sharpened. We are sorry the Right Carving Axe is out os stock.
Stock # 2230 Price $179.00 Quantity
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We are sorry the Left Carving Axe is out os stock.

Carving Axe - Left sided sharpened. Stock # 2229 Price $179.00 Quantity
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Gransfors Bruks Broad Axe

Gransfors Swedish Broad Axe, model 1900

Old Swedish logging techniques for squaring logs and structural timbers inspired this axe. It has sufficient space between the blade's beard and the handle for the user's fingers. The broad ax has a 7" face and a 20" hickory handle, and the head weights 3lbs.

While at Plymouth Plantation we had the wonderful opportunity to see the living history pilgrim and his broad axe in action. With a few swift blows he had the whole length of the log neatly squared. It was truely amazing to see what an experienced man and his fine tool could accomplish.

By the way, you can shape your logs with a chain saw or electrical equipment, but then you will not have the same nice surface as you will having used a broad axe.

On the 1900 Model Broad Axe the handle can be straight, angled to the right or angled to the left. With angled handles, the handle and your hands remain at a distance from the timber, there-by minimizing the risk of injury. Gransfors bends the poll and the eye 10° to the left or right. When Gransfors Bruks 1900 Model Broad Ax is used as a carving axe it often has an angled handle. When the Gransfors Bruks 1900 Model Broad Axe is used as a Chopping Broad Axe the handle is usually attached straight.

Gransfors 1900 Model Broad Axe can be sharpened either on both sides, "Double-Sided sharpened", or only one side, "Single-Sided Sharpened" (Scissors-Sharpened).

1900 Carving Broad Axe Right angled handle, Right sided sharpened. We are sorry the Right Braod Axe is out of stock.

Stock # 797 Price $316.00 Quantity
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1900 Carving Broad Axe Left angled handle, Left sided sharpened.
We are sorry the Left Braod Axe is out of stock.

Stock # 1211 Price $316.00 Quantity
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We are sorry the Chopping Braod Axe is out of stock.

1900 Chopping Broad Axe Straight handled, Double sided sharpened.

Stock # 1451 Price $300.00 Quantity
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11th Century Broad Axe

Gransfors Bruks 11th Century Broad Axe

The Eleventh Century Broad Axe transports you back to the era of the Vikings. It is a hand forged replica of an actual 11th century axe, however, the general design probably originated many years before then. The original axe is on display at the Viking museum in Roskilde Denmark. Traditionally broad axes are used for woodworking such as squaring up timbers, and house or boat building.

The 11th Century Broad Axe is beveled on one edge for ease of making smooth cuts. Like all Gransfors axes it comes with an American hickory handle. Total length is 26", blade length is 14 1/2", and handle length is 19 1/2".

The Eleventh Century design works today, as well as in that bygone era, and it does so with a unique flare. The 11th Century Axe is exciting for re-enactors, living-history actors, and anyone with a fancy for the past, or those who love hands on woodworking.
We are sorry the 11th Century Braod Axe is out of stock.
Stock # 1446 Price $570.00 Quantity
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Gransfors Log House Corner Axe

This is a mortise ax used for cutting out log corners. It has a 2 1/4" edge length with a 20" hickory handle. The weight including the handle is 2lb. 7oz.

Stock # 796 Price $171.00 Quantity
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Gransfors Carpenter's Axe

This axe has a straight edge and thin blade. It is suited for work in dry wood. The forged inward curve from the heel to the lip of the head permits your hand to grip almost straight above the center of the edge. This, plus the long straight cutting edge, give stability and control when cutting. It functions like a good heavy knife. The axe poll is ground and can be used as a hammer. The head weighs 1 1/2 lb. and has a 3 1/2" face. It has an 18" hickory handle and a grain leather sheath. We are sorry the Carpenter's Axe is out of stock.

Stock # 794 Price $127.00 Quantity
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Wetterlings Carpentry Hand-Forged Axes

Wetterlings Carpentry Axes are precision instruments for carpentry and other wood work.

For more information on Wetterlings and their Swedish Hand Forged Axes visit our Why Wetterlings page.

Wetterlings Carpenter's Axe

The cutting edge of the Wetterling Carpenter's Axe has a straight edge used for whittling and carving. The straight handle is of prime American hickory, and the head of the axe is constructed so that the hand gets as close as possible to the cutting edge for maximum control. It measures 19 5/8" overall, with a 6 3/4" axe head, and a 4" cutting edge. It weighs 2.2 pounds, and comes with a leather blade cover. The axe handle comes with a lanyard hole for your convenience. We are sorry the Carpenter's Axe is out of stock.
Stock # 1731 Price $150.00 Quantity
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Wetterlings Carpenter's Axe

Wetterlings Swedish Broad Axe

The Wetterling Swedish Broad Axe with its long, rounded cutting edge is used mainly for hewing logs. The Wetterling Broad Axe is offered as a straight handled, double beveled axe only. It measures 25 5/8" overall, with a 7 1/4" axe head, and a 7 1/2" cutting edge. The Wetterling Broad Axe weighs 3.5 pounds and comes with a leather blade cover, and a lanyard hole in the axe handle for your convenience. We are sorry the Broad Axe is out of stock.
Wetterlings Broad Axe

Gransfors Adze

The Adze is a chisel like cutting tool differing from an axe in that the blade is set at right angles to the handle. Adzes are used to chip and shape. Iron and stone adze have benefited man for thousands of years with a history that can be traced worldwide.

Gransfors Bruks offers a Scandanavian style adze from the Viking Age with a large range of uses such as in carpentry, as a cutting tool, in forming boat frames, and roughing out Windsor chair seats, etc.

Gransfors Straight Adze

The Gransfors straight blade, long handled adze is 25" long, has a flat blade for easy cutting, and a 3" slightly swept face. It has a 2 1/5 lb. head and is fitted with a straight grain hickory handle. We are sorry the Long Adze is out of stock.

Stock # 1474 Price $350.00 Quantity
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Gransfors Short Handle Adze

Gransfors Short Handle Adze

The Gransfors Bruks straight blade, short handled adze is 7" long with a 2 1/2" face and a 2lb. head. Both of the Gransfors straight blade adzes come with sturdy leather sheaths. We are sorry the Short Adze is out of stock.

Stock # 1475 Price $300.00 Quantity
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Gransfors Foot Adze

Gransfors Gutter Adze

This Adze has an axe style head with a drooped blade for easy cutting. The blade is deeply swept and slightly flattened at the bottom for clean shaping. It is 3" wide. The head weight is 2lb. The handle is 25" long. It comes with a cordura blade cover with a velcro® closure.

Stock # 799 Price $362.00 Quantity
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Gransfors Bowl Adze

Gransfors Short Handle Bowl Adze

The hand Adze is sometimes known as a bowl Adze. This Gransfors Adze is a wonderful tool for making bowls, chair seats, and much more. It has an angled handle making it easy to use with a flick of your wrist. The 2" wide blade is designed for fast clean wood removal. The head weighs 1.35 lbs. It has a 10" hickory handle and comes with a cordura cover. We are sorry the Bowl Adze is out of stock.

We are sorry the Gransfors Bowl Adze is out of stock.
Stock # 1248 Price $310.00 Quantity
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Gransfors Gutter Adz

Gransfors Froe

This is the tool used to split shingles, shakes and lumber. It is struck with a wooden maul or mallet, pounding the blade into the end of short logs, then quickly pulled back or pushed with the handle to split the wood. It has a 12" iron blade with an 18" hickory handle. Weighs 4lbs.

Stock # 798 Price $160.00 Quantity
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Gransfors Bruks Froe

Gransfors Log House Drawknife

The log house drawknife is designed for doing heavy work with the least strain on the wrists and arms. The hickory handles are set on full-length tangs extending straight out from the ends of the blade, so your hands will be held in their strongest and most natural position for vigorous pulling with the upper body as much as with forearms and biceps. The blade is bowed up and curved forward in the center for effective peeling, shaping and smoothing. The total length is 22 1/2". The blade is 11 1/2" in length and 1 1/2" wide. It weighs 1lb. 5oz.

Stock # 795 Price $230.00 Quantity
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Gransfors Scandinavian Log Scribe

log scribe
Gransfors traditional scandinavian log scribe is a standard tool used in building a log house. The log scribe is used to draw between the upper side and the bottom side of two horizontal logs in order to copy over the profile of the upper side of the lower log to the lower side of the upper log. Then, the upper log is hewed to match the scribe line, thus insuring a good fit without any space between your logs.

Stock # 1036 Price $265.00 Quantity
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