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Please note: Wash tubs require additional shipping. Please contact us if you would like a quote.
Square Wash Tubs

Square Wash Tubs

These tubs are great for farm, home or laundry use. They feature horizontal swedges to add sturdiness and have heavy steel drop handles for lifting and manuvering.
Stock # 890 Price $49.95 Quantity
Show Cart. These have a 15.5 gallon capacity. They are 11 1/8 inches high, with a 20 1/2 inch width and length, with rounded corners.

Galvanized Laundry Sink

These Galvanized Utility Sinks are Double Wash Tubs with a Stand. What a convenient set up for hand laundering. The twin 15.5 gallon tubs come with a heavy steel legged stand with easy - roll casters for mobility. Overall height of 33" makes for ease of use.

The tubs have strong metal drain outlets to which thirty inch hoses attach easily for individual tub draining. Hoses are included.

The length of the stand is 42" and the width 16 1/2". The depth of the tubs is 11 1/8". The top of the tubs measure 20 1/8" x 20". The stand is shipped unassembled.

Stock # 891 Price $179.95 Quantity
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We are sorry the Single Tub with Stand is out of stock.

Galvanized Drain Tub with Stand from Dover Parkersburg

Our hand wringers are a great addition for all our wash tubs!

Galvanized Round Wash Tubs

Round Wash Tubs
  • Round
  • Hot dipped galvanized construction
  • reinforced wire rim
  • riveted drop handles
  • 30 gauge

9 Gal. is 19 1/4" across the top, 16 3/4" across the bottom, 10 1/8" tall.

Stock # 491 Price $21.95 Quantity
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# 3 Rolled Round Wash Tub is 16 3/4 Gal.; 24" at the top, 21" across the bottom, 11" tall, and weighs 8.0 lbs.
Stock # 492 Price $31.95 Quantity
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# 3 Heavy Duty Hot Dipped Round Wash Tub is 27" at the top, 22" across the bottom, 12" tall.
Stock # 1525 Price $35.95 Quantity
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Wash tubs come in handy for so many uses around the house and farm.

  • Mixing feed
  • Washing dogs or cats
  • Photography props
  • Bathing
  • Clothes Washing
  • Decoration
  • Play props
  • Circus dias
  • Wash tub bass

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