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AlpineAire dehydrated food. Grain mills and flakers: Golden Grain Grinder, Family Grain, Back to Basics. Water filters: Katadyn, Berkefeld, Epic Terra Cotta cooler/filter, replacement filters. Water purifiers: Polar Pure, O7 Stabilized Oxygen, Potable Aqua. Stainless Steel water cups. Wash tubs, wash boards, wash boilers, rapid hand washers, solar power drying system (clothes pins and line), ecological laundry detergent. First aid supplies; colloidal silver maker, Sam Splints, air splints, Blister Doc, dental 1st aid kit, irrigation syringe, adult resuscitator, neck brace, ace bandages, window punch. Nondisposable Feminine products: Glad Rags, Feminine Options and Natural choice. Tooth powder, Revive Gel, herbal Neem cream, soap and outdoor spray. Coal hods and shovels. magnesium fire starters. Gardening supplies: EZ digger; trowel and hoe and watering cans. Bee Calmer. Feed scoops. Advantage Fly Traps. Pocket chain saws. Emergency Blankets. Camp towels and solar showers. Unbleached wax paper, Ballistol Lube, Citra-solv Cleaner, bucket openers. Oxygen absorbers for 5 gal. and 1 gal. Life latch buckets. 120 hour candles, candle lanterns and reflectors. Freeplay self and solar radios and lanterns solaris lantern. Starlight shakable flashlights. Other solar and hand powered flashlights and radios. Solar battery chargers, rechargable batteries. Solar ovens. Lodge cast iron products: grills, camp ovens, tea Kettles, fish pans, sportsman cookers, kettles, trivets. E-Z camping: fire tripods, grills with swivel heat racks, reflector ovens, dutch oven lid lifters, double ovens for use on stoves. Eagle camp stoves and Sierra stoves. Nonelectric popcorn popper, apple peeler, hand crank dough mixer, flour sifter, tomato machine, sprouters, Food Pantrie dehydrator, wheat grass juicer, vegetable mill, pasta machine. Skylights. Hand water pumps. Futons and room dividers. Camera strap, camera tripod, underwater camera, compass, watch. Scythe snath. Hohner harmonica. insect repellant, collapsible dog bowl, miller planisphere, fisher space pen, tent zipper repair kit, candlelier, electric dehydrator, pressure canner, cast iron lids, water bath canner, blue enameled canner, head lamp, food preserving supplies, backpacking meals, ice cream maker, yogurt maker, fever thermometer, snake bite extractor, hand cranked flashlight, belt mini mag holder, car window punch, pasta maker, coffee grinder, herb grinder, family grain mill, stone grain mill, hand grist mill, hand cranked oat flaker, oat roller, barley flaker, citricidal products, herbal neem products, o3 generator, Hulda Clark's zapper, parasite zapper, ceramic laundry disks, full spectrum light bulbs, neodymium light bulbs, gas stabilizer, diesel conditioner, electronic game recovery device, gerber knives, coal oil lamps, hurricane lamps, lantern mantles. Ultra pure lamp oil, paraffin lamp oil, kerosene lantern, coleman lantern, non chlorine bleach, dry bleach, sodium percarbonate, yukon plunger, hand laundry agitator, square wash tub, drain tubs, clothes wringer, wringer washer, campstove toaster, hotdog fork, strike anywhere matches, kitchen matches, dental floss, hand cranked radio, solar lighting, canteen, terra cotta water filter and cooler, water filter bottles, iodine water purification tablets, ion water purifier, back packers water purification tablets, pitcher pumps, well pump. Windmill water pump, drilled well bucket, ash bucket, wood cookstove lid lifter, wood working tools, log house building tools. maps, atlas. Books: over 150 titles on a variety of topics - homesteading, cooking, preparedness, health, camping, gardening and many more!

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For your convenience we offer products similar to those carried by:
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The brands we carry include:
7M Farms, Advantage fly traps, Adventure Publications, Aerobic Life, American Educational Products, Alan C. Hood, Behrens, Book Publishing, BriteLyt, Chelsea Green, Applied Innovative Technologies, Columbus Washboard Co., Cookin' With Home Storage, Cottage Publications, Cris Enterprises, DeLorme, Dental Resources, Diamond Brands, Forster, Dyna-Jet Products, E-Z Camping, Eco-Dent, Baker Manufacturing, Epic Water Systems, Feminine Options, Freeplay Energy, BayGen, F & W Publications, Flora inc., Gary Valenti, Marcato omc, Atlas, Ampia, Glad Rags, Keeper inc!, Doulton, The Globe Pequot Press, Hallelujah Acres, The Hesperian Foundation, Kuest Enterprises, JD American Workware, Lamplight Farms, Living Water, Lodge Manufacturing, Menominee Paper, Mitsubishi gas chemical, Mole Publishing, Napsac International, Natural choice, Natural meals Publishing, Nutribiotic, Nuwick, Organic Cotton Alternatives, Oregon Wordworks, Powell Enterprises, Product Source, National Presto Industries, Promotion Publishing, Purcell Trench, Storey Books, Rudon International Trading Co., Rhema Publishing, Sasquatch Books, C.T. Chidlers, Rapid Washer, Water Safe, Silver Lake Research, Solar Cookers International, Startronics Solar Lighting II Inc., Sunflower University Press, Sun-Mate, The Solar Image, Sun Ovens International, Sun Star, Supreme Products, Suunto USA, Therapeutic Botanicals, Neem Aura, Tuttle Apiary Labs, Viking Industries, Wisconsin Pharmacal Company, Washington Trading Co., ZZ Manufacturing, Nesters Cookware, Coghlans, Safety Heat, BakePacker, Seattle Sports, Destination Outdoors, Atwater Carey, Sawyer, Basic Designs, Bota of Boulder, Pelican, Gerber Legendary Blades, Fiskars, Fisher Space Pens, Stearns Outdoors, MPI Outdoor Safety Products, M&M industries, GP batteries, Sanyo energy, SunTunnel Industries, Konica, Cartom, Sun Company inc., Zip Ztoves, Sierra stove, Light Corp., Marugg, Ott Lite, Pelican., Excalibur, Game Finder, Gransfors Bruks, nightstar, Silver Solutions.
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