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Grain mills

Home flour milling is a great addition to your family's nutrition. Consider the fact that researchers say 40% of the nutrients in flour oxidize within 24 hours of milling, and 80% are oxidized in about three days. Milled flours become rancid quickly, straining the immune system, and thus speeding disease and aging processes. It is also cheaper to buy whole grains and mill them, as opposed to purchasing flours. With your own milling you can add many varieties of flours and cracked grains, that are more difficult to come by, to your family's diet, including;
rye, barley, spelt, buckwheat, millet, corn, rice, kamut, sesame, beans, etc. Such variety adds "spice" and health to your family's life. It takes little time to put the grinder on to mill flour, while you gather your other ingredients together for your meals. The flour is fresh and fragrant and ready to be used by the time you are ready for it.
  • 45 pounds of wheat berries in a 6 gallon pail, yields 158 cups ground flour.
  • One pound, or 3 cups berries, yields approximately 4 cups ground flour.
  • 2/3rd cup berries yields approximately 1 cup ground flour.
  • When rolling or flaking - 1/2 cup groats equals 1 cup flaked grain.
We offer for sale, not only motorized grain grinders, but hand cranked appliances which require no electricity for use during power outages, emergency, or outback conditions.

The Family Grain Grinders

Made in Germany
Our favorite thing about these products is their interchangeability. You can purchase a hand or motor base, and 4 different attachments to go on either or both of the bases. The attachments include a grain mill for flour, a flaker, a meat grinder, and a vegetable grater/slicer. You can conserve kitchen space by having an appliance that does it all, rather than having 4 separate appliances to store.
The motor base has a Bosh electric motor. It grinds 3 cups of grain etc. into fine flour in about 4 minutes.The hand base attaches to your counter or table and has a hand crank for power without electricity. It turns with ease.
The grain mill has hardened steel grinding cones which you can set to fine flour, coarse meal or anything in between. It will easily grind wheat, oats, rye, barley, spelt, buckwheat, millet, corn, rice, kamut, spices, dried herbs, sesame, soy,etc. It grinds quietly, and has a large 5 cup hopper for faster grinding. The flaker mill is great for making breakfast cereals, as well as flakes for other recipes with flaked grains. It easily rolls or flakes wheat, oats, rye, barley, spelt, buckwheat, kamut, etc. Like the grain mill, it has a large 5 cup hopper for faster flaking.
With the meat grinder you can process your own ground meat from lean, trimmed cuts, resulting in a fresh, nongreasy product with no additives. This attachment is a real plus for the hunter processing his venison, turkey or fish into ground meats and sausages. Fish sausage is a delicious, yet rarely seen product.With the Vegi slicer/grater you can quickly supply your freshly grated or sliced vegetables, nuts and cheeses. Use it on either motor or hand base.
All the "Family grain products" are on sale with instant savings equal to the shipping cost. They now come with a Lifetime warranty.
Buy any motor unit and recieve a FREE hand base - While Supplies last!!
FAMILY GRAIN FLAKER ATTACHMENT $85.95 -$9.99 shipping discount. See price in cart.
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FAMILY GRAIN FLOUR ATTACHMENT $83.95 -$9.99 shipping discount. See price in cart.
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FAMILY GRAIN HANDBASE W/FLAKER $149.95 -$12.00 shipping discount. See price in cart.
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FAMILY GRAIN HANDBASE W/GRAIN MILL $147.95 -$12.00 shipping discount. See price in cart.
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FAMILY GRAIN HANDBASE W/MILL & FLAKER$198.95 -$15.00 shipping discount. See price in cart.
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FAMILY GRAIN MOTORBASE W/FLAKER $279.95 -$20.00 shipping discount. See price in cart.
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FAMILY GRAIN MOTORBASE W/GRAIN MILL $278.95 -$20.00 shipping discount. See price in cart.
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FAMILY GRAIN MOTORBASE W/MILL & FLAKER $337.95 -$20.00 shipping discount. See price in cart.
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FAMILY GRAIN MEAT GRINDER ATTACHMENT $85.95 -$9.99 shipping discount. See price in cart.
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FAMILY GRAIN VEGETABLE G/S ATTACHMENT $87.95 -$9.99 shipping discount. See price in cart.
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Bosch and Kitchen Aid Mixer Attachments

Now Bosch and Kitchen Aid owners can enjoy the benefits of these same great Family Grain Attachments by utilizing their existing mixers. No need to take up extra kitchen space with the Family Grain Motor Base as these accessories mount directly and easily to your Bosch or Kitchen Aid mixers with no need for an adaptor. Please note that the Bosch mixer must be turned on its side to use these accessories.

Family Grain Attachments for Kitchen Aid Stand Mixers.

Grain Mill for Kitchen Aid Stock # 1605 $131.95 -$12 shipping discount. See price in cart.
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Flaker for Kitchen Aid Stock # 1606 $132.95 -$12.00 shipping discount. See price in cart.
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Vegetable Slicer for Kitchen Aid Stock #1608 $132.95 -$12.00 shipping discount. See price in cart.
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Meat Grinder for Kitchen Aid Stock #1607 $149.95 -$12.00 shipping discount. See price in cart.
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Family Grain Attachments for Bosch Universal Mixer

Grain Mill for Bosch Stock # 1604 $131.95 -$12.00 shipping discount. See price in cart.
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Flaker for Bosch Stock # 1602 $132.95 -$12.00 shipping discount. See price in cart.
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Family Grain Mill Bosch Adaptor

These adaptors allow you to use your existing (original) Family Grain Mill Attachments on your Bosch Universal mixer. They also allow you the versatility of using either the Family Grain Mill Hand Base or your Bosch as desired without having to duplicate accessories for both power/non-power use.

Stock # 1371 Price $47.95
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Golden Grain Grinders by Kuest Enterprises

Made in Idaho-USA
Golden Grain Mill The Golden Grain Grinder is a combination motor and hand mill. It is a heavy duty, stone mill which can be adjusted to provide coarse cereals to fine flour. It has a 3/4 HP motor, with no bushings to wear out, which runs quietly and efficiently. It grinds 50-60 pounds of flour per hour. A hand - operated crank for power outages is available below. The large hopper holds 7 cups of grain for ease of usage. A stainless steel drawer catches 6 1/2 quarts of flour as it is ground. It comes enclosed in an attractive wooden cabinet.
Warranty 5 years Stock #000489 Price $549.95
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Hand Bar Crank - allows you to use your Golden Grain when electricty is unavailable $18.00 stock #1689
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Also available is a flywheel like the one included with the Little Nugget $65.95 stock #519

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Corona Grain Mill

Corona Mill Grain Grinder

This unit is a great general purpose workhorse, made from solid cast iron, using steel cutters, to grind grains, as well as legumes, nuts, sesame, sunflower and lindseed, almonds and also minced dried fruits.


Manufactured from top-quality cast-iron, the CORONA Mill is highly resistant to rust and long-lasting. It is safe and hygienic, the CORONA Mill is electroltytically coated with a uniform layer of pure tin-plating.


The streamlined design permits easy cleaning as well as an easy assembly and operation. With the turn of a screw the handle and grinding parts are assembled or disassembled. Highly durable, the CORONA mill is manufactured from top-quality materials that permit the perfect operation of each and every component thus assuring a longer life for your product.

Stock # 1457 price $38.95
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Back to Basics Grain Mill

The Back to Basics Mill is easy to crank and easy to use. It attaches to table or counter with a clamp. The milling head has a unique stainless steel cane burr design that is extremely efficient and has a long life. Grind wheat, rice, oats, barley, soybeans, seeds, and spices. Grains can be milled from cracked cereal to fine flour. Makes 1 cup of bread flour in about 2 minutes. It is sturdy and compact. Complete 2 year guarantee. 13 inches high.
Please note: this is an open box item Stock # 587 Price $64.00
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"Yet here I was perplexed again, for I neither knew how to grind or make meal of my corn, or indeed, how to clean it and part it nor, if made into meal, how to make bread of it; and if how to make it , yet I knew not how to bake it. ... I resolved not to taste any of this crop, but to preserve it all for seed against the next season; and , in the mean time, to employ all my study and hours of working to accomplish this great work of providing myself with corn and bread.
It might be truly said that now I worked for my bread. I believe few people have thought much upon the strange multitude of little things necessary in the providing, producing, curing, dressing, making, and finishing this one article of bread. ...then I wanted a mill to grind it, sieves to dress it; yeast and salt to make it into bread, and an oven to bake it."

Quote from Robinson Crusoe, by Daniel Defoe

Now that you are set with grains and mill, consider the sourdough natural yeasted bread books and nonelectric baking ovens offered for sale by Wisemen Trading and Supply. Please let us know if we can assist you in anyway. Happy Baking to you and yours!

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