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Sun Tunnel

A brighter idea in skylights

What can be better than free light? That is what you get with a SunTunnel sky light. The Sun Tunnel provides natural light in your house at a much lower cost, and with much easier installation, than conventional skylights. Countless tests have proven you feel better with natural light. Colors and textures of your furnishings look better too. Installation costs are cheap and easy because you don't have the large glass surfaces to deal with.

The SunTunnel can be installed in less than 2 hours. It has a leak proof design and coated steel flashing which fits almost any style roof. The 14 and 21 inch models fit neatly with standard rafter spacing. The 14" diameter tunnel fits between 16" on center framing. The 21" diameter tunnel fits between 24" on center framing.

sun tunnel in action!

The Suntunnel comes as a kit with the components you need to do the installation, step by step instructions and warranty card. It comes with 6 feet of tubing and longer lengths are available. 10' is the longest length recommended with the 14" Suntunnel and 15' for the 21". Southern exposure is best and the shorter the better the light transfer.

The SunTunnel's tubing can be flexed to avoid most structural obstructions and thus bring light into areas conventional skylights can't. The polished stainless steel collar catches light from all angles. It is literally a mirror finish. Unlike polished alumium it does not oxidize with time. The tubing consists of sola film, a high tech, highly reflective material that originated in the space industry.

One unit is generally sufficient to brighten a standard sized room. Southern exposure provides the most light. Length of tube and time of day also affect the amount of lighting. Normally a 14" will light up a 10'X10' area and a 21" will light up to a 20'X15' area.

    Just look at the un-beatable features you get with a Sun Tunnel Sun Tunnel
  1. Pre-Painted Metal Flashing Largest on the market, 24 gauge Zincalume, 3 times the corrosion resistance of Galvanized Metal. Inner edge turns up the inside of the roof frame vertically, almost two inches. Fits almost any roof type standard (modified by adding lead for tile installations).
  2. Watertight Circular Design Eliminates water build up, just like a normal roof vent. Flashing is sealed to top frame to create one piece unit.
  3. Flexible Tubing Highly reflective liner. Six feet standard with longer lengths available. Bends easily around most attic obstructions. No other parts to join together, can be pre-connected to roof unit to eliminate spending time in the attic. Channels the light to where you need it most.
  4. Energy Efficient Sealed diffuser at ceiling virtually eliminates any measurable heat gain or loss during different seasons. Top frame can breathe to allow unwanted heat to escape. Optional Dual Glazed Diffuser available for colder area's. Prevents using electric lighting during the day.
  5. Two Hour Installation time. Minimal tools required. No Framing, sheet-rock or painting!
  6. 14" and 21" Sizes Fit neatly between standard rafter spacing, eliminating the need for any framing work.
  7. Feel Better with Natural Light Countless test have proven that natural light is a key element to good working and living environments.
  8. Injection Molded Dome Made from high impact, U.V. stabilized Grade A Acrylic.
  9. Highly Reflective Stainless Steel Rings Stainless Steel rings at the top and bottom of the tubing catch daylight from all angles and will never oxidize.
They come with a 7 year warranty against defect or failure. 14 inch SunTunnel
Stock # 723 Price $279.00 Quantity
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21 inch SunTunnel

Stock # 724 Price $329.00 Quantity Show Cart

Sun Tunnel light kit

Your Sun Tunnel produces light for you while the sun shines. You can also have it light your home at night, efficiently with its reflectors, by installing this kit. It installs in just a few minutes, inside the tube space above the ceiling fixture, and is fits in both the 14" and 21" sizes. Uses 1 standard incandescent or campact fluorescent bulb.

Stock # 726 Price $32.00 Quantity Show Cart

Our full spectrum Neodymium and Ott lite compact fluoresent lights make a great addition to your SunTunnel or any fixture in your house. Once you have enjoyed the more natural light from SunTunnels and these bulbs, you will never want to go back to ordinary light bulbs again.

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