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Gem Dandy Electric Butter Churns

Gem Dandy Electric Butter Churns So now you've got your cow and the milk is flowing in. Thick cream floats to the top. An electric churn takes the work out of making delicious real butter. You simply scoop the cream from your milk and save it up in your cream jar. When enough is collected you warm to room temperature and set the churn on top, plug it in and listen. You can go about other kitchen chores. When you hear the change in churning, which takes a little experience, you'll know your butter is made. Skim off and wash, and you are ready to butter your biscuits, bake, or whatever. We offer two models to fit your family's needs. Both include glass jar, lexan dasher and high performance motor with enamel steel housing and aluminium handle.

Gem Dandy butter churn 2 1/2 gallon jar size will churn up to 7 qts. of cream (fill only 2/3 full) in approximately 20 minutes. Stock # 807 $259.95

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We have been using our Gem Dandy for years and consider it an indispensable addition to our kitchen. These used to be manufactured right here in our state of AL. The Sears butter churn, a familar sight in their farm catalog of old, was made by Gem Dandy (Alabama Manufacturing). The Sears butter churn was discontinued along with their farm catalog even before AL Manufacturing closed. We were sad when the company went out of business. We are excited another company has started manufacturing them again and are happy to be able to offer them to you. For a while we feared they had become obsolete in our technical society. It is wonderful this option is still available to you and me.
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BUTTER CHURN JAR 2.5 GAL. $25.95000808
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Buttermeister Butter Churn

Made in the USA with foreign and domestic parts
Here is another great electric butter churn that we are proud to offer our customers. This one gallon butter churn is just right for those who have smaller amounts of cream, saving you from the inconvenience of having to collect your cream for long periods of time which often results in too sour a product. This size is also convenient for those who purchase cream and don't need as much butter at a time. The stainless steel agitator that comes with the Buttermeister is another plus. Your product only comes in contact with glass and stainless steel, no plastic or aluminum. The Buttermeister includes a glass jar, motor, stainless steel agitator, and comes with full instructions and a one year warranty.
1 Gallon Buttermeister Stock # 1817 $199.95 Quantity
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2 1/2 Gallon Buttermeister Stock # 2156 $229.95
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Buttermeister 1 Gallon ButterChurn
Buttermeister Butter Churn Replacement Jar

These 1 gallon glass jars are great for making Kombucha tea and sun tea, as well as for storing bulk herbs, dried foods, cereals, grains, or just about any kind of food or craft items. They can also be used as an additional or replacement jar for your Buttermeister should you need one. With an additional jar you can store your milk or cream in the refrigerator while still churning.

The jar comes with a polypropylene flat cap with a foam liner which makes a tight seal, and is not harmed by liquids or moisture as some metal lids and seals are.

The jar measures 10 inches tall, by 6 inches in diameter, and the inside diameter of the mouth is 3 7/8 inches. Note: this is not for the Gem Dandy Churns.
Stock # 1781 Price $9.95 Quantity
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Buttermeister Hand Churn

Buttermeister Non Electric Butter Churn

Made in the USA
The Hand Butter Churn is proudly made in the USA of aluminum, brass, and stainless steel for a long durable life of churning butter. The stainless steel agitator makes quick work of churning and is a snap to clean. It comes with a 1 gal square glass jar, and instruction/tip sheet. 5.3lbs. 15" Tall.
Stock # 2159 $125.00 Quantity
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Replacement Jar for Buttermeister Hand Churn Note: this is not for the Gem Dandy Churns or Electric Buttermeister
Stock # 1570 $9.95 Quantity
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Tamarack Butter Churn

Tamarack Non Electric Butter Churn

Made in the USA
This hand churn makes the task of churning butter without electricity easy. It consists of steel gears made to last a lifetime, a four paddle, maple wood dasher, and 4 qt. glass jar. A wooden handle helps hold the churn steady when turning. It will churn up to 2 1/2 qts of cream at a time. It stands 12 1/2 inches H and is 5 3/4lbs.
Stock # 805 $125.00 Quantity
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Replacement Jar for Tamarack Churn Note: this is not for the Gem Dandy Churns
Stock # 1570 $9.95 Quantity
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Several factors affect churning time. Consider:

  1. temperature of cream
  2. where in the milking cycle your cow is
  3. age of cream
  4. what breed of cow you are milking
  5. what your cow is eating
May you and your cow have a pleasant working relationship.

The cows in the field, just chew their cuds all day, and when the farmer comes along they give their milk away. They're willing to cooperate - they never seem to mind. Cause giving is a better way of living all the time.

Give give give give give each and every day. Like a cow, keep living in a giving way.

The farmer has a stool, and a milking bucket too, and when that farmer milks those cows the really start to moo. But work is lots of fun for them, they're happy as can be, and folks round them get healthy from their generosity.

Give give give give give each and every day. Like a cow, keep living in a giving way.

From the children's recording, Animals and Other Things by Candle and the Agape Land Singers.

This is an excellent site with lots of information on, and history of, butter churns. We really enjoyed it and think anyone who likes or collects butter churns will too.

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