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Kaito KA500 Voyager

Kaito has been making some of the best multi-power radios for years. That experience really shows in the KA500 Voyager. The Voyager has the most versatile power system we have seen. It has a built in solar panel that rotates a full 180 degrees so you can get the best angel for maximum power. The solar panel can power the radio or charge the built in NI-MN batteries. A large, easy to use dynamo crank, combined with a high quality AC brushless generator, assures you of power even when the sun isn't shining. The Voyager can be powered by 3 AA batteries, or an AC adaptor which is included. It can even be powered by a USB port on a computer or other device. The built in batteries are user replaceable should the need arise. The KA500 has battery level, charging and tuning indicators which help you get the most from your radio.

The Voyager picks up AM/FM as well as shortwave in two bands, 3.20-8.00MHz and 9.00-22MHz. What really sets the Voyager apart is its NOAH weather radio pre-tuned to the 7 National Weather Service bands. It can even pick up local weather alert signals to warn you of severe weather in your area. This is a much requested feature that is especially nice when combined with the multi-power sources you can use with the Voyager. The KA500 Voyager includes an LED flashlight, a red SOS emergency light and a 5 LED reading light on the back of the solar panel, making sure that you can not only listen to the radio, and see to get around, but also easily read. The Voyager can charge USB devices like Blackberry, IPod/MP3 players and more. It even includes six cell phone charging tips for the most common phones.

The Voyager gives you the option of the built in wide dynamic range speakers for crystal sound, or the included headphones for private listing. The rubberized carry strap and body give this radio a comfortable feeling in your hand. It is water resistant so you can take it with you anywhere. It is 8"X5"X2.6". When you buy a Voyager we are including the bonus of an AC adapter, a $15.95 value! All this adds up to make the KA500 Voyager one of the best designed Solar/Dynamo multi-power radios we have seen. It is great for camping, fishing, hunting; use on the farm, garden, yard or beach, and it really shines in an emergency, providing you with communication, light and power for your other devices.

What really makes this radio unique among multi-power radios, is the weather radio with NOAA Weather Alert, helping to keep you and your family informed and safe.
KA500 Kaito Voyager Radio Black

Stock # 1888 Price $50.25 Quantity
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KA500 Kaito Voyager Radio Green
Stock # 1887 Price $50.25 Quantity
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KA500 Kaito Voyager Radio Blue
Stock # 2074 Price $50.25 Quantity

KA500 Kaito Voyager Radio Red
Stock # 2081 Price $50.25 Quantity
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KA500 Kaito Voyager Radio Yellow
Stock # 2082 Price $50.25 Quantity
Kaito Voyager KA500 Radio

Kaito KA007 Shortwave Radio

This updated version has many improvements, including a more powerful solar panel allowing you to power the radio directly from the sun, even when not listening with headphones. The new AC dynamo is quieter and more reliable as it doesn't have brushes to wear out. It also has a broader SW coverage. All in all, we think the new Kaito K007 is worth way more than its price!

Kaito shortwave radio ka007 - solar shortwave radio This amazing radio can be powered 4 different ways. Set the radio in the sun and it will play or charge the internal NIMH batteries - 4 hours charging in bright sun gives 24 hours play time (Cloudy days give about half power.) You can listen at low volume with the built in speaker in low light, or with the included earphone with even less light. Turning the dynamo generator for 1 minute will give 10-30 minutes of listening time depending on how dead the batteries are and the playing volume. The high quality hand crank is much larger than on most dynamo radios making it easier to turn. You can use an AC (included) or DC adapter to charge the internal NIMH batteries - 4 hours of charging provides 72 hours play time!! You can even use 3 AA batteries to power the radio giving you the ultimate in versatility.

The internal NIMH (no memory) batteries can be charged 500 or more times, and the radio will play from solar energy, AA batteries, or AC power even after the internal batteries are dead. This radio allows you to listen to your favorite AM/FM or TV station. You can also tune in to exciting shortwave broadcasts from around the world. Thats not all, you can even pick up Weather, Police, and Taxi bands. Sony integrated circuits assure you of superb reception on all bands. The KA007 has HI and LO battery and Tune LEDs. The compact size (6 1/2" x 5 1/2" X 2 1/4") makes this shortwave radio easy to take with you everywhere. The KA007 shortwave radio comes with an AC adapter, earphones, and soft antenna. Also included is an instruction manual with an FAQ section and some shortwave frequencies to get you started. These accessories alone are nearly worth the cost of the radio!! 4 Way power for your shortwave Radio
Band Specifications
FM: 88-108 Mhz
AM: 530-1710 Khz
TV 1: Channels 2-6
TV 2 Channels 7-13
VHF: 145-175 Mhz Taxi/Police/Business Radio
Weather Band: 162.55-162.4 Mhz
SW 1 4.9-9.5 Mhz
SW 2 9.5-13.5 Mhz
SW 3 13.5-17.5 Mhz
SW 4 17.5-22 Mhz

Stock # 1150 Sale Price $29.95 Quantity
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Kaito KA008 Self-Powered Radio

Kaito 008 Radio The KA008 multi-band radio from Kaito has all the same amazing range of AM, FM and Shortwave frequencies as the KA007 above...everything except the TV sound, VHF and Weather bands.

The digital display allows you to see exactly what your radio is playing for you, which makes tuning a snap. In addition to its great radio sound, the Kaito KA008 functions as a multi-powered alarm clock, which is quite a convenient service when you are away from electric power sources such as power outages, camping, etc.

Your KA008 Kaito radio offers you operation from four different power sources for your situation or convenience.

Electric - With the included AC adapter. 6 hours of charging equals 48 hours of play time, or you can play directly from AC.
Solar - You can play the KA008 with direct sun, or you can charge the NIMH batteries for future play time. Twelve hours in the sun gives you 6-8 hours of playing time.
Batteries - Three AA batteries allow you to play your KA008 Kaito radio the old fashionded way.
Dynamo Power - A hand crank generator charges the internal NIMH batteries. Ninety seconds of cranking gives you about one half hour of play time.

The KA008 is only 6 1/2" X 5 1/2" X 2 1/4", so it is small enough to take with you everywhere. It comes with an AC/DC adapter, earphone and soft antenna. It comes in an attractive gray color.
Band Specifications
with expanded SW coverage.
FM: 88-108 Mhz
AM: 530-1710 Khz
SW 1 4-9 Mhz
SW 2 9-14 Mhz
SW 3 14-19 Mhz
SW 4 19-26 Mhz
Stock # 1337 Sale Price $30.95 Quantity
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Kaito KA009 Self-Powered Radio

Kaito Multi Power Radio KA-009 The Kaito KA-009, with it's expanded frequency and super bright LED light on one end, is a great addition to Kaito's line. Like their other radios the KA009 has 4 ways to power it's internal NI-MH battery pack:
  • (1) The included AC adapter: with 6 hours of charging you get about 12 hours of play time on the built in speaker or up to 72 hours with the included headphones.
  • (2) Three AA batteries.
  • (3) Its solar panel: with 12 hours in the sun you get 6-8 hours of play time.
  • (4) The hand crank dynamo: 90 seconds of cranking will give you about 30 minutes of play time.
The ka009 comes with earphones, and a removable soft wire shortwave antenna. Here's a look at the expanded frequencies.
FM 88-108
TV1 channel 2-6
TV2 channel 7-13
AIR 118-137MHZ
NOAA weather 162.400/162.425/162.50/162.525/162.55
AM (MW) 530-1710
SW1 4.00-9.00 MHZ
SW2 9.00 14.00 MHZ
SW3 14.00 19.00 MHZ
SW4 19.00-26.00 MHZ
Measures: width 6.50", height 5.50", depth 2.25",

KA-009R Black The Kaito 009R includes a Cell phone Charger with 6 tips.

Stock # 1553 Sale Price $32.95 Quantity
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KA-009 Blue
Stock # 1682 Sale Price $31.95 Quantity
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Kaito 009 Blue

KA-009 Red
Stock # 1683 Sale Price $31.95 Quantity
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Kaito 009 Radio Red

Kaito Ka-888

short wave radio- flashlight- thermometer- compass- siren- time

Kaito Radio and Flashlight  KA-888
Made in China
The KA-888 is what a radio really should be; with great features for camping or home use, and is a must for any emergency kit. You can find multi-powered radios, and even radios with built-in lights are not uncommon, but the KA-888 goes beyond the ordinary and includes all the following: a compass, thermometer, green emergency light, siren, plus a clock with an alarm. The KA-888 also has a small storage compartment that would be great for a small first aid kit, matches, or for holding the included ear phones and external soft antenna.

With the built in NI-MI batteries you don't have to worry about losing batteries or the memory affect as with older rechargeables. The KA-888 has 4 ways to charge so you'll never be out of power when you need it! On sunny days you can use the solar panel to listen to the radio or to charge the batteries. It takes about 12 hours to get 6 to 8 hours of play time. If it's not sunny you can use the dynamo to charge the KA-888: 2 minutes of cranking will play the radio alone for 20 minutes. 40 minutes of cranking will give you a full charge. It has a charging indication light so you can tell when you are cranking at the correct speed. If you are around civilization you can use the included AC adapter to plug in. As a last resort you can even use 3 AA batteries to power the KA-888.

If all of that is not enough for you, consider the radio part of the KA-888 (remember that?) can not only pick up AM and FM stations, but can also receive shortwave broadcast. With the shortwave radio you can pick up English speaking channels almost anywhere in the world, on land or sea, and it is great to keep up on world news.
Band Specifications
The KA-888 also comes with a carrying strap and an AC adapter. It measures 8 in. x 2.50 in. x 4 in.
Stock # 1482 Price $32.95 Quantity
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Shortwave Antennas

We highly recommend a shortwave antenna to give you the best clarity, and increased range when using your radio to pick up SW signals. These portable Antennas easily clip onto the built-in telescoping antenna on most shortwave radios.

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