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Rapid Washer - Yukon Plunger

Rapid Washer, aka Yukon Plunger

We first saw this remarkable item at a living history museum. It really revolutionizes hand clothes washing, and is a big step up from the wash board especially for larger loads. This metal plunger with a wooden handle agitates your washing load. It works great in a wash tub, large bucket, bathtub, etc. A must have when your washing machine is out of commission for any length of time, and will come in handy any time for large items in your bath tub. One customer we sold to, finds it desirable over the laundry mat, for all her laundry needs. The Rapid Washer is made of tin-plated steel. Please note the Rapid Washers are made on the same machine as they were in the 1800s, and while they are made to be used, they may have some irregularities and a small amount of rust developing is normal. We don't recommend the Rapid Washer for use in, or near, salt water.
Stock # 128 $19.95 each.
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Columbus Washboard Company

Columbus Washboards have been made in the USA since 1895 and they are still produced by hand in Logan, Ohio! These washboards are fully functional and can be used for hand laundry scrubbing just like in days gone by.

They can be used in bathtubs, sinks, washtubs, buckets or anywhere there is water. Washboards are usefull for delicate clothes, for those who would otherwise have to use a laundry mat, at cabins or homes without electricy, or while on a camping or hunting trip.

Today, washboards are used by Amish, campers, soldiers, students, and many others. They work anywhere and are not dependent on an electric supply.

Columbus washboards are also used as decorative items for laundry rooms, kitchens, etc. They are even used in making furniture and as musical instruments. Woodcrafters have used washboards in coffee tables, cabinets, magazine racks and more.
Crystal Cascade Washboard from Columbus Washboard Co.

Crystal Cascade Washboard

The Crystal Cascade is a family sized washboard with a pine frame and a spiral glass face. The glass rubbing surface was born because of metal shortages during the second world war. The Crystal Casade is durable and will not rust. It measures 12" X 24".
Stock # 1782 $24.00 each.
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Sunny Land Washboard from Columbus Washboard Co.

Sunnyland Washboard

The Sunnyland is a family sized washboard with a pine frame and a galvanized crimped rubbing surface. The crimped surface gives heavy duty cleaning action. It is suitable for washing larger items in bathtubs, washtubs, large sinks, etc. It also makes a great washboard for use in furniture or as a decoration. This Sunnyland washboard measures 12" X 24".
Stock # 518 $26.00
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Dubl Handi Washboard from Columbus Washboard Co.

Dubl Handi Washboard

The Dubl Handi is a pail sized washboard with a pine frame and galvanized spiral rubbing surface. The spiral surface is great for small and delicate items, but still gives you the power you need for tough cleaning jobs. The smaller size makes the Dubl Handi great for use in a bucket, sink, pail, etc. It measures 8-5/8" X 18".
Stock # 517 $12.95 each.
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Forster Cotton Clothesline

Nothing makes clothing smell fresher than a day hanging in the sun and fresh air. Forster Cotton Clothesline is abrasion resistant and poly reinfored giving it high strength and low stretch. Besides being great for indoor or outdoor clotheslines, you will find hundreds of other uses for this durable clothes line. It can be used at home, on the farm, while boating or camping, and for tie-downs. Together with the Diamond Clothespins, the Forester Clothesline makes a solar powered drying system that is energy saving and environmentally friendly. Forster clothesline should never be used when life, limb or personal safety are at stake.
Cotton Clothesline 3/16" X 100Ft. Stock # 501 $4.50 each.
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Cotton Clothesline 3/16" X 50Ft. Stock # 499 $2.75 each.
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Forster Cotton Clothesline
Diamond Wooden Clothespins with springs

Diamond Clothespins

These Diamond Hardwood Clothespins grip tighter, open wider, stay together longer, and resist rust to boot! With these Clothespins you hang your laundry on a clothesline, hanger or rack. You can use them to clip swimware for drying between dips, to hold items to a hammock etc. or in an almost endless variety of craft creations. They come 100 Spring Clothespins per package.
Stock # 500 $5.95 each.
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Coghlan's Laundry Reel

Simply pull the nylon line out of the Coghlan's Laundry Reel for an instant clothesline anywhere. A quick loop around the hook on the reel lets you make a clothesline any length up to 21 ft. When done the line winds quickly up on the reel using the built-in handle for easy compact storage. It includes two metal hooks for attaching the line at both ends. The Coghlan's Laundry Reel is handy indoors or outdoors. It is useful around the house, in trailers, campers, motorhomes, tents and cabins. The Laundry Reel contains 21 ft. of strong nylon line, yet weighs only 2 1/2 oz..
Stock # 939 $3.06 each.
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Coghlan's Laundry Reel Clothesline

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