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Coghlans Tri Pod Grill

Coghlans Tri-pod Grill

This ingenious camp cooking tool combines the benefits of a tri-pod and grill. This grill allows you to cook easily over any fire. You can adjust the cooking heat by raising or lowering the chain height. It also serves as a lantern hanger for your camp site. Made with 3 galvanized steel legs, it is quick and easy to set up. The 8" diameter chromed grill hangs from a chain and holds your pot, or grills your food. It's compact storage box is 20" x 20" Stock # 719 Price $22.00
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Rome's Original Tri-pod Grill

Rome's Tripod Grills are the most versatile campfire tripod grills we've ever seen. They accomodate all your campfire cooking needs. You can use the cooking grill to cook your hamburgers, hot dogs, etc.; or remove it to hang your dutch oven, cook pot or coffee pot. Not only that, but Rome's camp tripods exclusive top is designed to hold a wash basin, skillet, or coffee pot, thus doing double duty.

Rome's Tri-pod grills are heavy duty to withstand the hotest fires. They allow unique vertical adjustment to adapt to cooking over various sized fires. The tripod's legs break down for easy portability and storage. The grill grate is 18 1/2 inches in diameter and is chrome plated for durability.

Stock # 1209 Price $28.98 Quantity
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Rome Camp Tripod Grill
Lodge Camp Fire Tripod and Tall Boy Tripod

Lodge Camp, Dutch Oven, Tripod

Daniel Boone would be proud of this one, straight from Lodge, the Camp Dutch-Oven people themselves. These rugged Camp Tripods are constructed of hot-rolled, half inch bar stock, and galvanized chain. They are ideally suited for use with Lodge Dutch-Ovens, Camp Ovens, and Kettles.

Lodge Camp, Dutch-Oven Tripods come in two sizes to fit your camp- fire kitchen needs. Each Tripod comes with one piece legs - no cumbersome assembly is required - you simply spread the legs, and you are ready to cook. Cooking height is adjustable with the galvanized chain.

Lodge offers Tripod Tote Bags for each size of their tripods. What a wonderful idea a camp tripod tote bag is! The Tote Bag makes transporting your tripod easy, and best of all you don't have to worry about soot on your other gear.

These portable tripod tote sacks have a nifty carry strap that is adjustable for either hand or shoulder transporting of your tripod, making it a convenient treck to access your picnic/campsite/bar be que fire. The Lodge Tripod Tote Bags are built to withstand the most rugged adventure you can imagine. The Tote Bags are constructed of heavy duty, black polyester with PVC backing. They are water resistant. Happy Camping!

Lodge Camp Dutch Oven Tripod - 24" chain, 43 1/2" legs

Stock # 1485 Price $36.00 Quantity

Tote Bag for 43 1/2" Tripod
Stock # 1487 Price $16.00 Quantity

Lodge Tall Boy Tripod - 36" chain, 60" legs
Stock # 1486 Price $45.75 Quantity

Lodge Tall Boy Tote Bag for 60" Tripod
Stock # 1488 Price $18.00 Quantity

Our Tripods are a great way to hold a cast iron Kettle or Dutch Oven over your fire.

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