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Home > Outdoorcooking > Pie Irons

Pie Irons are a wonderful and versatile way to cook in camp. What you can cook in these is only limited by your imagination and creativity. Children love cooking their individual serving by themselves. The following offers some suggestions on how to put your pie iron to use on your next campfire, and don't forget they work great in fire places, on wood stoves, on grills, and even on your kitchen range.

Makes reuben sandwiches, pizza pies, grilled cheese, calzones, scrambled eggs, chocolate croissants.

Cooks fruit pies, hot desserts, pudgy pies, hot ham and cheese, jelly pies, tuna melts.

Fries potatoes and onions, eggs, hamburgers, omelets, meat loaf, pork chops, hot dogs, and bratwurst.

Grills french toast, sausages, steak, sloppy joes, rocky road treats.

Bakes rolls, pies, cornbread, biscuits, empanadas, seafood and fish.

Toasts breads, s'mores, tortillas, camp treats, bagels and much more!

Pie Irons are affectionately called by various names including: Pudgie Pies, Mountain Pies, Hobo Pies, Sandwich cookers, and Pie Shams. In the U.K. pie iron style sandwiches are known as Toasties, and in Cuba and throughout FL as "Sandwich Cubano". Australians call them Jaffle Irons and Italians call them Panini Grills. Whatever you call them, they make for a fun family cooking adventure, and provide delicious meals and easily portable finger foods and snacks. Have fun calling them what feels good to you, and enjoy the fruits of their use.
Be sure to check out our handy Camp Fire Stick Stands for a place to rest your hot Pie Irons!

Pie Iron Recipes

Pie Iron Cooking Is a Family Camping Tradition

By Richard O'Russa
Pie Iron Recipes is a wonderful book to spark your imagination in pie iron cooking. A lifetime of family camping has made Richard O'Russa quite a campfire gourmet. In this 64 page, 5 1/2" X 8 1/2" cookbook, he explores the world of Pie Iron cooking with 150 different recipes. He starts with basic pie iron directions and then provides a chapter on each type of pie iron cooker, giving recipes that are only a beginning. Once you see what he's done, you'll want to try your own ideas. The recipes range from simple to gourmet. Pie Iron Recipes is a good way to begin your family tradition of pie iron, campfire cooking. Be sure to check out the other great Camp fire cook books from Rome Press.
Stock # 1160 Price $5.95 Quantity
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One of our many favorites from this book is the:
Wheat Nut Waffles
1 1/4 cup flour
1/4 cup wheat flour (substitute more WW flour if you like)
2 teaspoons baking powder
2 eggs
1 1/2 cup buttermilk
1/4 cup honey
1/4 cup vegetable oil
1 1/2 cup finely chopped pecans or walnuts

Combine dry ingredients. Beat the eggs, and add buttermilk, honey, vegetable oil, and nuts. Fold together to form batter and add 1/3 cup to well-oiled waffle iron. Cook over your camp fire, fire place, wood stove or even home range.

This recipe makes thick, light, fluffy waffles with crunchy nuts. They come out better than any indoor waffle we've ever seen!
Camp Cooker Non-Stick Pie Iron

Coghlans Camp Cooker

These pie irons are made of heavy cast aluminum construction with a two part hinge. Their non-stick surface is easy to clean. They are 26" long with a stay cool wooden handle.
Stock # 980 Price $13.00 Quantity
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The Rome Pie Iron Family

Rome is a small family run business who try hard to please. They offer an exciting assortment of fire cookers to fulfill all your cooking needs, starting with the traditional square pie iron and expanding..... These Rome Pie Irons are made of heavy duty cast iron for long lasting dependability. As with other cast iron, once you season your pie oven, it will provide you with great meals that do not stick to the inside of your cooker. Nothing cooks quite like cast iron with its even, through heating.

Rome Pie Irons have large, easy grip, stay cool wooden handles. They come with a 5 year warrenty and quick and easy recipes are included. As with most pie irons they disassemble for easy cleaning.
Rome Square Pie Iron

Rome Cast Iron Pie Iron

Square Pie Irons are an overall favorite, as they allow whole slices of bread and ingredients to fit in the cooking cavity, easily making a big sandwich and wasting no bread. 4 1/4" X 4 1/4" Head. Overall lenagh 28"
Stock # 1081 Price $14.00 Quantity
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Rome Pie Iron
Rome Round Pie Iron

Rome Round Pie Iron - Cast Iron

The Round Pie Iron forces the bread to a round shape, crimping the bread and forming a nice seal around the edge of your sandwich or pie (like ravioli). The sealing locks in flavors whether it's a hamburger, quick bread or dessert. 4 1/4" dia. Head, 28" overall length
Stock # 1082 Price $13.50 Quantity
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Round Cast Iron Pie Iron
Rome Double Pie Iron

Rome's Original Double Pie Iron

Rome's Double Pie Iron gives twice the food and twice the fun! Two grilled sandwiches at a time are a breeze with the Double Pie Iron. The size also allows unique meals to be cooked such as fish, seafood, meats, etc., that might be limited in a single cooker. Since it is cast iron, you can let it cook in the coals like a dutch oven. Each side of the cooker can also serve as a small skillet. 8 1/2" X 4 1/4" Head, 28" overall length.
Stock # 551 Price $21.00 Quantity
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Cast Iron Double Pie Iron
Rome Waffle Iron

Pie Iron Waffle Cooker by Rome

How about fresh and fluffy waffles right over the campfire? Rome's quality cast iron construction provides even heat retention and cooking with these waffle irons, and waffles won't stick in a seasoned cast iron waffle cooker. While these waffle cookers can be used on your range, the handles have added length for open fire cooking at picnics, campfires, or at the open hearth. You can easily bake homemade waffles just like in the kitchen, only with the atmosphere of your campfire. They bake nice sized 3 1/4" X 6" waffles. 3 5/8" X 6 1/2" Head, 30" overall length
Don't forget to check out Rome's Stove Top Waffle Iron
Stock # 1040 Price $16.16 Quantity
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Cast Iron Waffle Iron
Rome Wilderness Griller

Wilderness Hamburger Griller - Cast Iron

These cookers are a great way to cook burgers, chops and chicken over a campfire without the hassles of using large grills or grates. The slotted opening in the castings simulates grill/grate cooking and allows the grease to drip away from the meat. The Wilderness Hamburger Griller also works well for vegetables and sandwiches, and is especially versatile with stuffed hamburgers. All you do is fill the cast iron cavity with meat, close the lid, lock the hinge, and hold over the fire. 4 1/4" Dia. Head, 28" overall length
Stock # 1162 Price $13.00 Quantity
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Cast Iron Hamburger Cooker
Rome Burger Griller

Double Hamburger Griller - Cast Iron

With Rome's Double Burger Griller you will be grilling great tasting burgers, chicken, and chops twice as fast!

The amazing cooking properties of cast iron, combined with the slotted design which allows the grease to drip through, work together to give you grilling perfection. The double design lets you prepare your meals quickly, or cook for a crowd. The Double Burger Griller can even be used for sandwiches or vegetables, so only your imagination is the limit. It is easy to use, you just fill the cast iron cavity with meat, close the lid, lock the hinge, and hold over the fire, or set on a campground or park grill. 8" X 4" head, 28" overall length.

Stock # 2069 Price $20.50 Quantity
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Rome Double Burger Griller
Rome Dog n' Brat Cooker

Dog n' Brat / Cornbread Cooker - Cast Iron

This versatile cooker lets you cook hot dogs, brats or sausages over the fire, sealing in the juices. You can even add onions or kraut between and around the hot dogs. The cast iron cavity holds 3 at a time. It also works great for cornbread and other quick breads. 3 5/8" X 6 1/4" Head, 30" overall length
Stock # 1161 Price $17.00 Quantity
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Cast Iron Panini Press From Rome

Rome Industries Panini Press

Per ll Vero Panino Italiano

To supplement traditional camp-cooking tools such as the hot dog roaster & pie iron, we now offer fireside cooking with a gourmet flare with Rome's Panini Press designed for barbecue grills, fire pits and hearth, as well as, stovetop use. Now you can savor Italy's flavor bursting, pressed sandwiches; Panini, fresh off your campfire. Panini is the Italian name for sandwich, however it is always used in reference to sandwiches prepared in a two-sided cooking press that compresses & grills the sandwich until hot & toasted. While traditional pie irons are designed to crimp the sandwich bread, the Panini uniformly compresses the sandwich as it is toasted without the bread or ingredients being trimmed by the edge of the cooker. To create your fireside Panini try breads such as Ciabatta rolls, Focaeia or Baguette - sliced open & filled with your choice of vegetables, cheese or meats creating a wonderful balance of flavors as the Panini toasts!

Rome's campfire Panini Irons feature a large 8"X4" cooking surface, and are made of heavy cast iron to insure uniform and solid pressure on the sandwich as it toasts. To use, you simply place your sandwich inside the open cavity of the cooker, close the lid, and place on a BBQ grill or stovetop burner. After a few minutes of toasting, flip the Panini Press over and continue cooking until the sandwich is hot and toasted.

The Panini press features shorter handles than regular campfire pie irons (22" instead of 28" overall length) making them convenient for grill and stovetop use as well. The rods unscrew for easy cleanup and storage. The Panini press comes with a 5 year warranty.
Stock # 1402 Price $20.95 Quantity
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Rome Panini Iron
Rome Round Jaffle Iron
Rome Square Jaffle Iron

Australian Style Jaffle Irons

We aren't alone here in North America with our rich pie iron cooking traditions. Australians, Indonesians & South Africans have their own traditions of making pocket treats, pies, and sandwiches with thier tool of choice: the Jaffle Iron. They have their own favorite recipies reflecting their culinary tastes. The Australian Jaffle Iron was developed around the same time as Pie Irons in the United States. Originally a brand name, the jaffle Iron is now the common name for hinged cavity cooking in Australia, South Africa and Indonesia. Along the Bali coastline pocket treats are a favorite street food prepared in jaffle huts by locals for vacationing surfers.

Scotty's Contest Winning Recipe From Tasmania, Australia: Tassie Salmon Jaffle

Place bread in the usual manner, butter side out. Add very thinly sliced fresh or smoked Atlantic salmon, very thinly sliced onion, Brie or Camembert cheese & cracked pepper to taste. Mm-mm! Enjoy

Rome's Jaffle Irons are made of quality cast iron and come in both square & round designs. Their short handles, 22 inches in overall length make them perfect for use on a BBQ or stovetop alike. The Jaffle irons come with detachable handles for easy clean up and storage.

Square Jaffle Iron

4 3/8" X 4 5/8" Cast Iron Cooking Head
Stock # 1403 Price $14.00 Quantity
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Round Jaffle Iron

4 3/8" dia. Cast Iron Cooking Head
Stock # 1404 Price $13.50 Quantity
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Australian Jaffle Iron
Be sure to check out our handy Camp Fire Stick Stands for a place to rest your hot Pie Irons!
Made with Bread and Biscuit Maker

Rome's Original Bread and Biscuit Stick

Over the years, I tried, on many occasions to make "dough boys" - snakes of dough wrapped around a stick and baked over a campfire. It never cooked right - doughy center and burnt crust were the results. I tried soaking the branch in water first, and making sure it was extra green, and pre heating it, but never got a satisfactory product. Those experiences explain my excitement when I first saw the Bread and Biscuit Stick. What a wonderful idea and product. I could hardly wait to get my hands on one and get it over a campfire.

The Bread and Biscuit Stick is a quick and easy way to "bake" delicious bread and biscuit pockets over an open campfire using a package of store bought refrigerated dough or quick bread mix. With a Bread and Biscuit Stick all you have to do is roll a "snake" of dough, twist it corkscrew fashion around the aluminum baker head, hold it over the hot coals turning as the dough becomes golden brown. Then you pull it off and enjoy, or fill the cavity with your favorite filling first. Try making bread pockets by stuffing with jam, jelly, pie filling, honey, butter, fruit, sausage, scrambled eggs, cinnamon sugar, hot dogs or cheese. Try ricotta and pepperoni for calzone. Rome's original Bread and Biscuit stick features an extra long 21" wood handle with a leather hanging strap. The overall length is 38"

Stock # 1163 Price $10.00 Quantity
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Rome Bread and Biscuit Stick
Rome Camp Bread  Baker

Rome's Camp Bread Baker

The Camp Bread Baker is another Rome Original fire cooking tool. I always get excited with Rome's products which are designed with your camp cooking needs in mind. They provide you with a fun variety of exciting tools to make your camp cooking a veritable smorgasbord of camp-fare, accommodating a wide variety of tastes and traditions.

With the Camp Bread Baker you can add some great tasting, freshly cooked bread to your camp meals. This unique Cast Iron Bread Cooker allows you to bake a variety of quick, or leavened breads, over your fire or camp-stove in only 10 minutes. The Bread Baker is similar in concept and operation to Rome's famous pie irons. The cooking cavity is 12" long, 1 1/2" deep, and is connected by rods with wooden handles. The Camp Bread Baker is 1 3/8" wide, and 30" in overall length. To use you simply butter or oil the cavity, fill half way with dough, and cook over a moderate fire until done. The Rome Bread Baker is also fantastic for cooking wraps, roll-ups, burritos, and even corn dogs.

Stock # 1587 Price $16.00 Quantity
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Rome Bread  Baker
Rome Chuck Wagon Waffle Maker Long Handle

Chuck Wagon Waffle Iron

By Rome

Rome has taken their popular Waffle Iron and added a 16" wood and steel handle in lieu of the cast iron handle, making it easier to use on your campfire grill. The Chuck Wagon Waffle Iron's long handles are detachable for easy storage and cleanup. The Chuck Wagon Waffle Iron makes 6 inch diameter waffles. It is 6 3/4 inches in diameter, 23 inches in overall length, and comes with a few recipes to get you started.
Stock # 1891 Price $19.95 Quantity
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Rome Family Skillet

Family Campfire Skillet

By Rome

This Campfire Skillet produced by Rome is a small 6 inch diameter cast iron skillet attached to a 39" inch long handle. You cook over your campfire safely away from heat at the end of that long handle which includes 21" of comfortable wood. The Campfire Skillet is great for cooking eggs, sandwiches, pancakes, etc. Try one for everyone in the family!
Stock # 1587 Price $14.95 Quantity
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Rome Pieiron Storage Bag

Pie Iron Storage Bag

By Rome

Here is just the camp cooking accessory for all of us pie iron campfire cooks. Rome's Pie Iron Storage Bag provides us with a convenient way to travel with, and store our treasured collection of pie irons, protecting both our pie irons and our other camp gear. Rome's Pie Iron Storage Bag measures 30" X 10" and is constructed with sturdy canvas. It sports a 3 sided zipper for easy access in and out. The Pie Iron Bag will easily hold a couple double cast iron pie irons or 3 to 4 singles.
Stock # 1892 Price $ 15.30 Quantity
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