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Cowboy Hanks Hot Dog Grilling Tips

Grill Thing From Clever Camper


Cowboy Hank's Hot Dog and Marshmallow Holders.

These nifty devices can hold all size hot dogs, even foot-long dogs, on just about any wooden stick you can find. All you have to do is firmly twist Cowboy Hanks Hot Dog Holder onto your wood stick and slip your marshmallow on. Because you supply the stick at your campsite, you have no need to travel with cumbersome handles which are such a hassel to fit in your car. Also, you can choose your stick to fit your individual needs. These lightweight weenie holders are made of durable stainless steel. They come two to a pack. Happy grilling.
Stock # 938 Price $3.99 Quantity
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Super Dogger
Future Products Hot Dog Forc

Super Dogger

From Future Products

Want a new twist to your wiener roasting? The Super Dogger's unique inverted prong, and anti-drop guard firmly grip 1 to 4 wieners making it virtually impossible to accidently drop an hot dog into the fire. You'll never have to fork your ash encrusted hotdog from the coals again.

These hotdog forks are 41 inches in length. They consist of an heat resistant, walnut stained, birch handle with an high quality nickle plated, steel prong. The prong points are inverted for safety, and it comes with a convenient leather strap for hanging. The handle detaches making the Super Dogger a much more convenient length when traveling or storing. The Super Dogger is a well thoughtout, and fun addition to your campfire cooking kitchen.

Stock # 1296 Price $5.95 Quantity
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Deluxe Cooking Fork

These hotdog/marshmallow cookers combine the traditional fork with a new twist to the prongs, which turn inward to prevent accidents. Long prongs allow cooking two or more hotdogs at once. You can also use as skewers for grilling vegetables. These are made of chrome plated steel with a wooden stay-cool handle. The handle has a leather loop for handy hanging when not in use. They are 42 inches long.
Stock # 983 Price $5.00 Quantity
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Camp Fire Safe-T-Fork
Jumbo Hot Dog Fork

Rome's Original

4 Foot Long-Jumbo "Take Down" Hot Dog Fork

This is one of my favorite fire cooking inventions because I happen to be one of those people who think longer is better; after all, the longer the fork you have means the better seat you can get, especially with real hot fires. But long length comes with a couple of major drawbacks. I hate packing up long forks; not just in cramped cars, boats, RVs, but also once at home in garages or storage areas. Rome's 48" Jumbo Fork solves the problem by unscrewing in the middle, and is than only 251/2 in. long and a much easier size to pack around and carry in small places.

The Jumbo Hot Dog Fork is made out of heavy gauge chrome plated steel for many years of campfire, or fireplace fun. This Jumbo Fork has a sturdy wooden handle and comes with a handy leather storage thong. Happy camp-cooking!

Stock # 1478 Price $7.29 Quantity
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Be sure to check out our handy Camp Fire Stick Stands for a place to rest your hot cooking forks!

Rome's Original Weenie and Marshmallow Roasters

Rome Extension Fork
These hotdog forks extend from 21" to 32". They are constructed from heavy duty chome plated steel and have a wooden handle for easy grip and stay cool handling. They come with a leather thong in the handle.
Stock # 552 Price $3.05 Quantity
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Hot Dog Fork

Coghlans Extension Forks

These forks extend to 30" for cooking over a hot fire, yet retract to 20" for ease of packing or storing. They are made of heavy-gauge chromed wire with a plastic stay cool handle. These come 2 forks to a package.
Stock # 984 Price $3.75 Quantity
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Rome's 4-Up Safe "T" Roaster

If you don't like holes in your hot dogs or sausages than Rome's 4-up is for you. It swivels at the end to open, and closes clamping in 1 to 4 hot dogs. The slide clamp holds your hot dogs, or brats securely. The 4-Up Safe T Roaster is made out of chrome plated steel and measures 29 in.
Stock # 1477 Price $4.55 Quantity
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Safe T Roaster
Rome Marshmallow Tree

Marshmallow Tree

By Rome

First the marshmallow fork, and now the Marshmallow Tree from Rome industries, the people who know campfire cooking. The Marshmallow Tree is an elegant, yet functional addition to your campfire cooking utensils. Rome's Marshmallow Tree is crafted of black, non-stick coated steel wire that is elegantly bent and welded (sculpted) to form tree branches. Each branch end holds a marshmallow, ten in all, or less to suit your needs at the moment. The Marshmallow Tree features a comfortable grip, rosewood stained, tapered wooden handle with a leather strap for hanging. The overall effect of Rome's Marshmallow Tree is elegance with its simple graceful form, and delicious sweetness when adorned with your golden roasted bounty of marshmallows. The Marshmallow Tree is not only serviceable on your outdoor campfires, but great for use as decor for your fireplace. It is 44" tall, 10" wide at its widest point, and weighs 15 oz.
Stock # 1659 Price $10.00 Quantity
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4 pc Campfire / Hot dog Fork Set with Gingham Bag

By Rome

This is a convenient, fun and folksy hot dog fork set. It consists of (4) 34", sturdy, chrome plated steel hot dog forks packed in their red checkered cotton storage bag. This hot dog fork set is perfect for your camping excursions, picnics, or fireplace roastings.
Stock # 1894 Price $16.95 Quantity
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4 Forks With Bag
Rome Wiener Round

Wieneround Hot dog Roaster

By Rome

For those seeking a juicy, rotisserie type hot dog by their campfire, Rome has provided the tool just for you. With Rome's Wieneround there is no need to pierce your hot dog, letting all the juices escape. Instead of the traditional hot dog fork tines, the innovative Wieneround uses a metal coil that is easy to load and unload. You simply drop your hot dog into the Wieneround's coil, and rotate using the thumb wheel to roast to perfection. Once the hot dog is roasted to your satisfaction, you tip the Weineround down and let that roasted dog slide out. Rome's patented Wieneround Rotisserie Hot Dog Roaster is 38" long and made from chrome plated steel. It features a wooden handle for your comfort, and a leather storage strap for your convenience. It is available in single or double versions.
Wieneround Hot Dog Roaster Single
Stock # 1895 Price $15.30 Quantity
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Wieneround Hot Dog Roaster Double
Stock # 1896 Price $21.95 Quantity
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Rome's Original S'more Maker

What is a traditional gathering around the campfire without smores? And now my favorite campfire folks have made the "smore fun" as easy as a snap with Rome's original S'more Maker. Rome Industries Smore Maker solves the problem of how to grill your smore to that wonderfully perfect melted chocolate with soft, almost gooey marshmallow perfection.

The S'more Maker's sturdy, fire-ready, long-handled wire basket is sized with compartments for 3 graham crackers. The height allows for that wonderful stuffing of marshmallows and chocolate squares. And, those camping folks at Rome have even included lots of fun ingredient suggestions for additions to give your smores a tantalizing variety of taste delights. The delicious looking smores on the front packaging will make you want to run out and start a fire as soon as your Smore Maker arrives. Rome's Smore Maker will be perfect for your fall harvest bonfires, your winter roasting at the fireplace, your spring camp-outs, and your summer BBQ's. Rome's S'more Maker measures 29 inches long, by 4 inches wide, by 1 inch tall.

Stock # 1790 Price $6.75 Quantity
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Rome Smore Maker

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