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Sven Saw Folding 21" Triangle Saw

By Swen Products

Made in USA
Folding Triangle Saw This Sven Folding Saw is compact, lightweight and portable. It is designed for quick and easy assembly. The triangular design provides a rigid frame. It has a 20" blade that provides a large cutting capacity. This folding triangle saw has a steel support handle and lightweight aluminum blade for long lasting use. The fast cutting, stay sharp, tempered steel blade has offset teeth. It weighs approximately 1 lb. and is 23" long, by 1 1/2" wide when folded.
Stock # 996 Price $29.95 Quantity
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21" Replacement Blade for Sven Saw
Stock # 1576 Price $11.99 Quantity
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Sierra Folding Saw

Sierra Deluxe Folding Saw This is a compact, versatile saw that folds to store and carry. It has a comfortable, easy grip handle, and tempered steel, locking blade that never needs sharpening. It is 10" folded, with an actual 8" blade that cuts on the reverse, as well as, the forward stroke. This Sierra Saw cuts through wood, plastic, pipe, plywood, wallboard and even bone, making it ideal for camping, backpacking, canoe trips, hunting, pruning and trimming. It is a great tool to have around the house or camp.
Stock # 1140 Price $9.00 Quantity
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Pocket Chain Saw

Made in the USA
Pocket Chainsaw

Yes, an hand chain saw, and the world's fastest cutting pocket saw at that! It is made of high strength, heat treated steel, coated for rust resistance. It is 28 inches long, with 124 bi-directional cutting teeth, that can cut a 3 inch diameter limb in under 10 seconds. That is quite a useful feat at both camp and home. It is easy to use by one or two people.

World's Fastest Cutting Pocket Saw It comes with a nifty, chain storage can that is 2 3/4" in diameter. The complete Pocket Chain Saw weighs 1 lb., and it fits easily into your pack pocket, glove compartment or other small storage space.

Just think of the uses for this Pocket Chain Saw: cutting firewood, clearing trail and campsite, cutting lumber for a shelter, trimming branches and trees, clearing heavy brush, cutting in corners and under fences, etc. You can even attach a rope to this saw, and use it to cut, at an angle, high limbs that you cannot otherwise reach. In our area during ice or wind storms, we often find the road blocked by fallen trees, and a pocket chain saw in the glove compartment, or under the seat proves invaluable.

Stock # 258 Price $21.38 Quantity
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