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Free Shipping on all Gransfors Bruks Axes: The shipping for the Gransfors Tool portion of your order will be taken off in our office. We will try to match any lower delivered price on a Gransfors Bruks product.

Gransfors Bruks Hatchets:

Manufactured by the Blacksmiths at Gransfors Bruks in Sweden, Gransfors Hatchets are expertly hand forged from high quality Swedish steel by professional smiths. Each hatchet is a true work of art, and the smith is proud to stamp it with his initials after it has been finished to the ledgendary Gransfors standards. Each Gransfors hatchet is complimented by highest quality American hickory handles. This tough, resilent wood is known for its strenght and durability. Each hatchet comes with a grain-leather sheath. The sheath not only keeps your hatchet's cutting edge in optimal condition, but protects your gear during storage or travels. Gransfors stands behind their tools with a 25 year warrenty. Gransfors Bruks presents three hatchets to fit all your chopping needs - the Mini Belt Hatchet, the Wildlife Hatchet, and the Hunters Axe (hatchet). See below for Gerber Axes or click here to see our Skinning Axes. We also carry Wetterlings and Gransfors Wood Working Axes, Traditional Axes, Splitting Axes, and Tomahawks.
Gransfors Mini Hatchet

Gransfors Mini Belt Hatchet

"It's small, light and perfectly balanced. It can sharpen a pencil, slice a tomato paper thin, and shave the print right off this page. It will frizz sticks for tinder; cut fine kindling and split small logs. It will fillet a fish, skin a moose, tenderize a steak, turn your pancakes, spread jam and peanut butter; pound tent stakes and chop vegetables. And it will ride as lightly on your hip as the average hunting knife."

-Cliff Jacobson, Tactical Knives

With a quote like that, it is hard to resist adding the Gransfors Mini Hatchet to your outdoor gear.

Like all the Gransfors Bruks products, the "Mini Hatchet" is of highest quality and excellence. It weighs in at 11.03 oz, and is 10.25 inches in length. It comes with a leather sheath, and the Gransfors 20 year guarantee.

We are sorry the Mini Hatchet is out of stock.
Stock # 1047 Price $145.00 New lower Price! Plus Free shipping! Quantity
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Gransfors Bruks Wildlife Hatchet

This little hatchet will awake in many of us memories and dreams of exciting camps and adventures. The Wildlife Hatchet is a small, light axe which can be easily carried, masked with its leather sheath, inside your pack or on your belt. It is small enough to go where you go, accompanying you on all your adventures.

The Wildlife Hatchet is just what everyone needs to cut branches in the backyard, split sticks for a campfire, chop kindling, and limb branches, both at home and in camp. The Gransfors Bruks Wildlife Hatchet has a 3" face, a 14" hickory handle, and the head weighs 1lb. Of course it comes with a sturdy grain-leather sheath.
We are sorry the Wildlife Hatchet is out of stock.

Stock # 1179 Price $112.00 Quantity
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Gransfors Wildlife Hatchet
Gransfors Hunting Axe

Gransfors Bruks Hunter's Axe

Specially designed for a hunter's needs, the Gransfors Bruks Hunter's Axe brings together two fine traditional arts - hand forged axes and hunting/skinning.

The poll (back of the axe) is forged thinner than normal and gently rounded and polished to a flay poll to be used when skinning an animal. You hold the skin, and hit in-between the skin and flesh with the poll saving a lot of time and sore hands, as well as providing a smooth skin, ready to tan. Besides that, the Hunters Axe is good for chopping wood, as well as meat and bones. The grip of the 19 inch hickory handle has small circular grooves which give a steady grip even if your hands are wet or sticky. This axe has received, as the first and only axe in Sweden, a design award from the Swedish Society of Crafts and Design.

The Gransfors Bruks Hunter's Axe has a 3 1/4" face and the head weighs 1 1/2 lbs. It comes with a grain-leather sheath.
We are sorry the Hunters Axe is out of stock.

Stock # 1088 Price $171.00 Quantity
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Wetterlings Hand-Forged Hunting Axes

The Wetterlings Hunting Hand-Forged Axes are finely-balanced and functional hunting axes. Their cutting edge is convex, and their bevel face slightly widened for chopping or splitting firewood. Wetterlings Axes have a poll that can be used as a hammer. Wetterlings Hunting Axes are supplied with a protective leather sheath. Please note they no longer come with a belt loop. The axe handle comes with a lanyard hole for your convenience.

For more information on Wetterlings and their Swedish Hand Forged Axes visit our Why Wetterlings page.

Wetterlings Large Hunting Axe

The Wetterling Large Hunters Axe measures 18 3/4" overall, with a 6" axe head, and a 3 1/4" cutting edge. It weighs 2.35 pounds, and comes with a leather blade cover. There is a lanyard hole in the axe handle for your convenience.

We are sorry the Large Hunting Axe is out of stock.
Stock # 1733 Price $119.00 Quantity
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Wetterlings Large Hunting Axe

Wetterlings Small Hunting Axe

The Wetterling Small Hunters Axe measures 15" overall, with a 6" axe head, and a 3 1/4" cutting edge. It weighs 2.1 pounds, and comes with a leather blade cover. The axe handle comes with a lanyard hole.
Stock # 1734 Price $114.00 Quantity
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Wetterlings Small Hunting Axe

Wetterlings Wildlife Axe

The Wetterling Wildlife Axe measures 12 1/2" overall, with a 5 1/4" axe head, and a 2 3/4" cutting edge. It weighs 1.6 pounds, and comes with a leather blade cover. The axe handle comes with a lanyard hole.
Stock # 1735 Price $109.00 Quantity
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Wetterlings Wildlife Axe

Wetterlings Small Axe

The Wetterlings Small Axe is the smallest, lightest and most portable of the Wetterlings Camping/Hunting Axes. It is 10 1/4" overall with a 2 3/4" cutting edge and weighs only 1.5 pounds. We have been waiting for years for Wetterlings to offer an axe in the same vain as the Gransfors Mini Hatchet, and while the Wetterling Small Axe is still a little heavier, it is a very nice "pocket axe" at a very nice price. With the small size you can have the convenience and security of having your axe along no matter where you are. The Wetterlings Small Axe will make a great companion on your next hunting, fishing, backpacking, canoeing, kayaking, or camping trip. The Wetterlings Small Axe has an American hickory handle and comes with a leather blade cover.
We are sorry the Small Axe is out of stock.
Stock # 2030 Price $104.00 Quantity
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Wetterlings Small Hatchet

Gerber Camp Axe

Made in USA
Unbreakable, lightweight lexan handle, molded around the high quality forged steel head, keeps this axe perfectly balanced and ensures against separation. That is a big plus, meaning no splintered or split handles created by missing your mark. Gerber claims their handle can withstand sledge hammer blows. The axe comes with a nylon belt sheath. At 17.5" long, this is more like a hatchet than an axe.Stock # 544 Price $46.50
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Gerber Camp Axe

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