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Freeplay Kito

The Kito brings you the legendary Freeplay selfpower system at an incredible price. With it you will never have to worry about being left in the dark again; no hunting for batteries, no looking for spare bulbs, no fumbling with power cords. A quick wind of about 60 seconds gives you 1 hour shine time. The bright white LED has a 100,000 hour life. With the Freeplay Kito you never have to worry about replacing batteries, bulbs or having to plug-in to recharge. You can wind the Kito at any time for up to 1 hour of continuous light.
Kito Yellow Stock # 1710 Price $22.82 Quantity Show Cart
Kito Black Stock # 2163 Price $22.82 Quantity Show Cart
Kito Lime Green Stock # 2164 Price $22.82 Quantity Show Cart
Kito Olive Green Stock # 2160 Price $22.82 Quantity Show Cart
Kito Led Flashlight from Freeplay

Coleman - Freeplay Sentinel Flashlight

Coleman Sentinel Flashlight powered by Freeplay Freeplay Sentinel Flashlight from Coleman With this Self Powered Lantern you won't be caught in the dark when you reach for a flashlight only to find that the batteries are dead! It uses you as its power source. Simply turning the winding handle for about 30 seconds gives you up to 8 minutes of shine time on normal beam. With the Freeplay direct drive system, turning the hand crank charges the internal battery via the gear train and generator. The Freeplay Sentinel can be wound at any time, for any length of time, for as much shine time as you need. An LED charge level indicator tells you the best speed for winding.

A dual filament xenon bulb gives the Coleman Sentinel two brightness settings; NORM which is a battery saving mode giving you more shine time per wind, and Max which gives you super bright light and is best used when you can recharge with the included AC adpater. The battery can be charged via an AC/DC adapter (included), or by the large winding handle. When fully charged, shine time is about 30 minutes on MAX and 5 hours on the NORM setting. This dual power system allows use during power failures and in remote conditions. It is like having two flashlights in one! There is never a situation in which you need to be without light!

The internal componets are made to industrial standards for a long dependable life. The Coleman Sentinel's small size and 2 year warranty make it the most compact and dependable wind-up flashlight on the market. AC/DC adapter is included. H 2.1" (55MM) L 6.3"(160MM) W 2.4"(60MM) Weight 13 oz.(370G)

Buy more, save more. You can get one Sentinel for the amazing price of $29.95, or use this opportunity to pick up a few to use as gifts, or just to have extras for your car, boat, RV, cabin, bedroom, basement or garage.

Stock # 1127 Price New Low Price $29.95 Quantity 1 each
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Stock # 1127-3 Price Save more get 3 Sentinels for $84.95 Quantity sets of 3
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Stock # 1127-5 Price Save more get 5 Sentinels for $124.95 Quantity sets of 5
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Freeplay X-ray LED Flashlight

The Freeplay X-ray LED is based on the same design as the Sherpa and Sentinel, but it replaces the bulb with an Ultra-bright 7 LED cluster with a 100,000 hour rated life. The crystal clear casing of the XrayLED offers the user an exciting view of the process of converting human energy into light. The Xray LED has two brightness settings offering you a choice between efficiency (longer shine time) and maximum brightness. The efficient LEDs offer up to 20 hours of shine time on a full charge of 24 hours with the included AC Adapter, or 40 minutes of winding on the built-in generator. Just 30 seconds of winding can provide you with 20 minutes of light in the energy saving mode. A charge level indicator lets you know when you are winding at the best speed. The X-ray offers you the reliability of light anytime anywhere; no more dead batteries or burnt out bulbs!
Stock # 1572 Price $34.99 Quantity
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Xray Led Flashlight from Freeplay
Jonta Flashlight from Freeplay

Freeplay Jonta Flashlight

With the LED hand crank Jonta you get the best in hand-crank conversions, and the long lasting durable LED brings even more efficiency. The 1 watt Luxeon Star LED, makes the Jonta the most impressive wind-up flashlight we have seen. It shines an incredible amount of light while still offering a lot of burn time per wind. In our test you can still see objects clearly at over 50 ft. in the energy saving mode, and it is rated for 3 times that far on the max setting! It really must be seen to be appreciated. The LED is also very durable with a rated life of 100,000 hours. With only 30 seconds of cranking, you can expect 10 to 20 min of burn time (on the energy saving mode). With approximately 40 min of cranking, you will get a full charge on the internal NI-MH batteries. With a full charge you get 24 hours of light on the energy saving mode, and 2-1/2 hours on full power. The Jonta has three settings, energy saver, full power, or a strobe light. It comes with an AC power adapter which will give a full charge in about 4 hours. One of my favorite features is a three LED battery power indicator, one LED means 1/3 battery charge, two LED's 2/3, three lights full charge. The Jonta also has an LED charging indicator that lights up when you are cranking at the optimum winding speed. It comes with a carrying strap, and measures 8.5 in long by 3.4 in round, and weighs about 1 pound.
Stock # 1571 Price $63.95 Quantity
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Freeplay Emergency Light Center

The Freeplay Flashlight Emergency Center brings the versatility of the Sherpa LED to a whole new level with 3 flashlights and a convenient triple charging base. It's great if your family is like ours, and can't seem to find a charged flashlight when you really need it. It also provides you and your family, or coworkers with peace of mind that you have done the best to provide light for any emergency. The triple docking station keeps the bank of three included Sherpa LED Flashlights on a constant, topped up trickle charge at all times via the included AC wall adapter so they're always ready to go. The Freeplay Emergency Center also has a red LED locator beacon which is activated when the power goes out so the emergency center is always easy to locate even in the dark. The Sherpa Emergency Center is great for any home or business, and easily hangs anywhere. Its clear, lift up front door showcases and protects your Sherpa LEDs. The Emergency Light Center's three Sherpa LED Flashlights are the same as the X-Ray Flashlights above only in a red color. It measures 10 in wide, 8.75 in tall, 2.25 in deep.
Stock # 1573 Price $89.99 Quantity
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Freeplay Emergency Light Center

This 2 Pack of Replacement Xenon Bulbs fits the Original Freeplay Self Powered Lantern. They DO NOT FIT the Coleman Sentinel or the Freeplay 2020 flashlight! Stock # 767 Price $9.99 Quantity
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