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Anchor Hocking Bake n' Keep Glass Food Storage Containers

Bake n' Keep Storage Containers from Anchor hocking Bake and Keep Xenohormones are substances not found in nature that have hormonal effects. We come in contact with many of these substances on a daily basis. One of the most prevalent sources of xenohormones are plastics. Xenohormones should be considered toxic as the majority of them have estrogenic effects on both male and female bodies. They are quite potent and most are nonbiodegradable. They are fat accumulating in the body over the months and years. Xenohormones upset the delicate hormonal balances in our bodies wreaking havic with many body systems. Dr John R Lee's book, What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Premenopause provides a wealth of information on this topic in chapter 5. More and more information is surfacing on the adverse affects of plastics, especially concerning their use in microwave ovens and in the storage of foods.

Anchor Hocking Ovenware has a wonderful alternative to plastic shelf or refrigerator food storage containers. The Anchor Hocking Bake N' Keep glass food storage containers come in three convenient sizes thoughtfully sized for family favorites like meatloafs and casseroles. These glass storage containers come with glass lids. The 12 cup size has a convenient built in handle on the top. They are designed reminiscent of the glass dishes used by cooks since the 1930's, and are quite attractive as well as dishwasher safe. With the Bake n' Keeps you can mix ingredients, bake, or microwave, then store the left overs in the same dish! The Bake n' Keep Food Storage Containers are great for leftovers as their 3 3/4" (including the lid) height allows them to easily fit on a low refrigerator shelf. Their low, wide design makes food easy to pour in and spoon out. Before we found these we tried a variety of glass jars, but their tall shape and narrow mouths were not convenient for more solid foods and quite messy spooning the last of the foods from their bottoms.

These glass lidded containers are also handy for storage of items other than foodstuffs. While the most obvious contamination of xenohormones from plastics comes from contact with foods, plastics also outgas into our air, and xenohormones, being fat soluble, are easily absorbed through our skin as well.
Bake n' keep 12 cup 8.5" X 8.5" Stock #1197 Price $13.99 Quantity
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Bake n' keep 5 cupStock # 1198 Price $11.99 Quantity
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Bake n' keep 2 cupStock # 1199 Price $10.99 Quantity
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