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PS 17 Dry Bag from Ortlieb

Dry Bag Packsack 17

By Ortlieb

Made in Germany
Ortlieb knows how to protect your valuable gear from the weather so you don't have to worry while enjoying your special time in the out-of-doors. These Packsack Dry Bags are made of high-quality, extremely lightweight and compact, high tech material without the disagreeable smell and effects of vinyl (PVC). Despite the PS17 Dry Bag's low weight, you will be amazed at how abrasion and fold resistant, and durable the fabric is, able to stand up well to accompanying you on your adventures far and near. In fact, you won't want to be out and about without one or more. These Ortlieb Bags add to their sturdiness with 3-D welded seams which even surpass the materials strength.

The PS 17 Dry Bags are 100% waterproof. The roll n' snap closure and stiffener ensures waterproof closing with ease, offering you the protection you need from rain, spray, splash and short term submersion. When sealed, the Dry Bags also keep your gear clear of sand and dust.

All sizes of the Dry Bag PackSack 17 are equipped with D-rings on either side of the roll closure, and a base loop on the bottom for use in fastening to ropes, cars, trees, thwarts, etc. This feature will come in handy in many circumstances such as treeing your gear so the bears won't get to it while you sleep, strapping your gear into your boat in white water, or simply for securing your gear to your car top.

Note once again, these Bags are PVC free which makes them a little rare in the world of dry Bags, and a wonderful alternative choice for those who are concerned about the effects of PVC on either their health or the environment.

Backpackers note that the sizes XL and XL short are particularly useful as an inner liner for non-waterproof trekking backpacks. This helps you keep your gear dry even on those soggy days, and the PS 17 Dry Bag's light weight won't weigh you down anytime.

The Dry Bag Packsack 17 comes with a 5 year guarantee. Colors: assorted blue and black.

Ortlieb PS 17 Dry Bag Extra Small 20.1"X 7.5 - 4.9 oz. Stock # 1596 Price $18.00 Quantity
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Ortlieb PS 17 Dry Bag Small 24.8"X 8.7 - 6.7 oz. Stock # 1597 Price $21.00 Quantity
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Ortlieb PS 17 Dry Bag Med. 27.2"X 10.2 - 9.2 oz. Stock # 1598 Price $23.00 Quantity
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Ortlieb PS 17 Dry Bag Large 33.5"X 12.2 - 12 oz. Stock # 1599 Price $26.50 Quantity
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Ortlieb PS 17 Dry Bag Extra Large Short 33.5"X 15.4 - 12.4 oz. Stock # 1600 Price $26.50 Quantity
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Ortlieb PS 17 Dry Bag Extra Large 38.9"X 15.4 - 16.2 oz. Stock # 1601 Price $30.00 Quantity
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