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GSI Outdoors Halulite Pressure Cooker

Camping Pressure Cooker A pressure cooker in the backpack? Why didn't we think of it sooner? GSI Outdoors compact, 2.8 L (2.96 qt.) 5.7 L (6.02 qt.) or hard anodized pressure cookers are the perfect backcountry companion, excellent for camping, paddling, mountaineering, high altitude expeditions, boating and RV's.

They are wonderful for trail fare saving up to 2/3rd the cooking time by using pressurized steam. That not only means you have more time to enjoy the scenery and less time in front of the stove, but you only have to pack in 2/3rds the fuel to get the meals cooked. You can also cook with less water as there is no evaporation loss, another great plus for the backcountry enthusiast.

The pressure cooker is simple to use. It is easy to boil water or prepare a wide variety of your favorite outdoor meals - soups, stews, meats, vegetables, rice, or grains. Pressure cooking is healthful as it seals in the great flavor and nutritional value of your meals. Many of the inexpensive, nutritious natural foods that otherwise would use much water, cooking time, and fuel are simple in your pressure cooker - dried beans, lentils, cereal grains, split peas and rice. Presoak your beans or rice as you hike, and it only takes 5 minutes to cook in camp. One dish meals work great in a pressure cooker. Natural ingredients with widely different textures and cooking times can be combined into the same pressure cooker with the techinique of cutting the foods into pieces of different shapes and sizes, or you can bring the pressure down and add another ingredient.

Your can use your pressure cooker open for sauteing etc., and with the lid on without pressure as an efficient steamer of breads, dumplings and fruit puddings. The possibilities for the trail or motor camping are endless, providing great meals as well as more time for enjoying your trip at the same time.

GSI Outdoors camp stove pressure cookers are made with hard anodized treatment for easy cleaning, to distribute the heat evenly, and to healthfully keep food away from the alumium. Anodization is a treatment, not a coating like non-sticks. They are compact and lightweight with a contemporary triple safety system. GSI's compact pressure cookers come with an instruction manuel and a few recipes to get you started. As a last note, they are a very attractive pot as well. What a fantastic and helpful addition to your camping gear!
GSI Halulite 2.8L (2.96 qt.) Pressure Cooker - The GSI pressure cooker's height is 11.8 inches, width 8.2 inches, diameter 6.3 inches and its weight is 2 lbs 12 oz.
Stock # 1222 Price $49.95 Quantity
Show Cart GSI Halulite 5.7L Pressure Cooker The GSI pressuer cooker's height is 14 inches, width 10 inches, diameter 8.2 inches and its weight is 4 lbs 7 oz.
Stock # 2143 Price $59.95 Quantity
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