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Camp Wok from Rome

Camping Wok-Set

By Rome's Original: Quality Outdoor Cookware

Can you tell the folks at Rome love to cook and camp?!! With their Camping Wok Kit, they bring you more fun and versatility over your campfire. The Wok was invented for use over an open flame so it is perfectly suited to your camp cooking adventures.

A Wok's versatility seems limitless: it is shallow enough for pan-frying, deep enough for boiling, simmering, braising, deep-frying and steaming. It is fine for rolling and turning omelets. The Wok's spherical shape and high smooth sides distribute the heat evenly and permit ingredients to be stirred vigorously without spilling. It also provides maximum cooking surface, and requires less oil. With those rounded sides Rome's Campfire Wok makes food easy to remove when done.

Rome's Stainless Steel Camping Wok Set is a self contained grill consisting of a folding S/S grill, a durable high quality S/S Wok with a removable handle, two wooden utensils (spatula and tongs), and a stuff sack for storage.

The folding grill provides two cooking areas; a 10"” long, X 6"” wide grill surface, and an 8"” side ring to support the 12"” Wok. With this arrangement you can use the grill area simultaneously with your Camp Wok stir frying or soup cooking. What a unique, versatile, and exciting camp kitchen.

The Wok handle is long enough for comfortable campfire cooking, yet is conveniently detachable for portability. Likewise, the 10"”tall grill legs unscrew. The entire kit fits into the 12"” X 13"” X 4 1/2"” included stuff sack. The weight of Rome's Camping Wok Set is a comfortable 2.45 pounds.

Campfire cooking is a lively and adventurous art, a remarkable combination of aesthetics, nutrition, surprise, mystery and delight. You are sure to enhance your family's camping adventures and memories with the help of Rome's well thought-out, and exacting camp cooking kitchen products. Happy Camp Cooking!!

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